Stop and Start Again


It’s never easy picking up the pieces of a broken fitness regimen and starting all over again. For every holiday, birthday, anniversary, family gathering and or event, there’s a plate of scrumptious choices waiting to serve our taste buds; pushing our bellies to the point of no return. Soon after we toss caution to the wind, we are left to stand before the dreadful door of decisions called, “The Closet”. DUN! DUN! DUN! What once was comfortable to wear, now feels like a blood pressure cup around the waist. (Cue Violin and insert droopy, trembling bottom lip *HERE*) What can take away this agonizing pain of feeling defeated, hurt, disgusted and stuffed? Two Words. STOP and START.

Stop buying tickets to the “I messed up and how did I get here” show and Start selling tickets to the “You did it before and you can do it again” show. Ok, you ate way too much pie. And yeah, adding extra gravy over EVERYTHING, in retrospect probably wasn’t a good idea. Thank God that the story doesn’t have to end on such a ‘tight’ note. The wonderful thing about our fitness and health is that it’s all in our control! We have the power to stop being unhealthy and to start being healthy; to Stop not exercising and Start exercising; to Stop telling ourselves we can’t and to Start telling ourselves we can.

Don’t let the fear of Starting over, stop you from starting again. We should look at our fitness and health through the lens of lifestyle change or life style adjustments, as opposed to a quick fix diet. Drinking water, moving our bodies, eating smaller portions and making better food choices are all within our power to execute. I personally have lost weight and gradually picked it back over time, due to my lack of caring about the consequences of my choices.

After being diagnosed with high blood pressure, put on two types of pills and told that heart disease may be knocking at my door, I was faced with a hardcore truth...It does matter what I do with me. The fear of not being healthy enough to enjoy my children or the activities that we all enjoy experiencing together, was a powerful reality check. My phone rang that day and it was life on the other end saying, “Do you hear me now?”

I can’t say that it’s been easy but, what I will tell you, is that I have far too much to accomplish to let the fear of starting over again, stop me. Yes it’s been a journey, however, I am continuing to walk out my lifestyle change in my own lane; And, I encourage you as the reader, to do the same. Stop the fear and Start to live.

Here are three encouraging tips, to help you along your Journey

  1. Pay attention to you. No one knows you, more than you. Your emotions, surroundings, and or influences play a major part in your health journey. Stop overlooking yourself and Start examining yourself.
  2. Share with Caution. Posting too much too soon about your journey can sometimes attract unwanted pressures to join various groups, that may not be the right fit for you at the time. This is your journey. Be wise about what you can and cannot handle.
  3. Stop Doubting and Start Believing. You already have everything you need to start living the healthy lifestyle you want to live. Crush the fear, get rid of the doubt and replace every ‘can’t’ with a ‘can’. And every day that life calls you by name, don’t be afraid to answer it by simply saying “Yes, I hear you and I’m ready to begin.”