The Courage to be Independent


We are supposed to be different. Different is good. We have diverse talents, skills, gifts, abilities and passions. We are supposed to be different because God likes different. He intentionally didn’t make us all the same. The Bible says that we are one body with many parts. This indicates that we are designed to be different because when our differences are joined together, we end up being whole and complete. The interesting thing is that we are created to be different, but we spend so much of our lives trying to be like someone else. We are born to stand out, but we spend our lives trying to fit in.

But what if we dared to be different? What if we had the courage to be independent thinkers? What if we decided to live authentically and freely? I’m not suggesting that we don’t need wise counsel or to listen to instruction, but I am suggesting that maybe some of us need to find the wise counsel God has placed inside of us, instead of allowing other people to define us and chart our courses.

What if we did what we loved? What if we actually believed that it was possible to get paid and make a difference? Would we live under less stress, have better relationships and stop stress eating? Can you imagine a life where you actually did what was in your heart to do instead of what people expected you to do?

What if we went back to school, started companies, took vacations overseas and finally tried the new Mediterranean restaurant that none of our friends want to try? What if we wrote books, songs and poems and took dance classes? What if we had the courage to become who we were always called to be? What if?

What if we broke the box, pushed past the limits, and lived with passion and courage? Maybe we would discover that we are stronger, more adventurous, more passionate and more diverse than we imagined. Maybe we would raise fearless daughters who didn’t need validation or approval. Maybe the next generation is waiting on us to stop trying to fit in and instead create a space where different is seen as a good thing, the right thing, the expected thing. What if every dream you have is dependent on you finally having the courage to follow your own path and trust that God made you different and expects you to live differently?

What if now is the time for you to start?