The Power of Being Positive


Being a Christian doesn’t exempt us from life’s circumstances. It would be so nice if that were the case. While this is not the reality we face, we do have a promise that Jesus has already overcome all of our challenges. We read about our victory in Jesus. We shout about it. We even tell others, but the real test of whether we truly believe it is what we do when we find ourselves in the midst of life’s circumstances.

Do we tell God about our problems, or do we tell our problems about our God?

Being positive is more than just a hopeful state of mind. Some people equate being positive to living a fantasy that doesn’t acknowledge issues. I see it as a position of power that connects us to the very solutions we seek. So many people don’t understand the impact of our mindsets on our lives and circumstances. How we approach a situation determines whether we dominate it or it dominates us.

The key to remaining positive in trying circumstances is focus. If we focus on our problems, we will find ourselves facing life from a negative state. However, if we focus on our God and His promise for our victory, we will find ourselves full of hope and expectation. The challenge is that a lot of believers like to “keep it real” and “tell it like is.” The very things they say contradict what God promised. For example, if your finances are tight, in your frustration, you say, “I never have enough money.” Now, that may seem real, but the truth is that God supplies all of our needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus (see Philippians 4:19).

Whatever you focus on will impact your attitude and your money. When you talk about your lack, it completely shuts down your ability to download a creative solution from God that could change your situation. Your negativity actually keeps you in a negative situation longer.

However, if you focus on God’s ability to provide, it will give you hope and lead you to ask, “God, what should I do about this shortage?” Being positive actually positions you to receive the very solution you need.

Here’s how to keep a positive mindset in trying times: • Remember that God always has a plan for your victory. • Focus on solutions. • Ask God for wisdom to solve your problems. • Surround yourself with people who are solution-oriented. • Decide that victory is the only option. • Rehearse your past victories to keep you encouraged.

Remember that your problems don’t surprise God—nothing does. Stay focused on Him, and watch Him give you a solution that brings you out as an overcomer!