Weathering the Storm Gratefully


Possessing a heart of gratitude when life’s trials have hit you hard

The fall has gone, and the winter has begun. November is here. That means the crisp yellow and russet leaves are no longer falling and the weather is no longer mild. Instead, the season has changed and in some areas around the globe, there are snowflakes falling, brisk winds, and in some places, blizzards! Yet, while some are weathering winter storms, many around the world have been weathering life’s storms.  

How about you? Are you in a storm right now? Or have you weathered one within the year? How is this November going for you? Are you possessing, a heart of gratitude in the midst of it all?

November is usually a time where majority of us look forward to celebrating Turkey Day - most popularly known as Thanksgiving. It’s typically a very happy time when family and friends come together and are super excited to see one another and eat a lot of good food, especially turkey. It’s a time set aside to not only enjoy food, fellowship, and fun, but more importantly, a time to intentionally give thanks to God for all that He is doing or have done in our lives throughout the year. However, when that day is over and everyone has gone home, we can still have an attitude of gratitude.    

In other words, after the holiday has settled, try to take a look back and make a list of all of the big and small things that God has done for you, personally. For instance, think about the times when you could have gotten into a car accident, but He protected you from being hit, injured, or for coming out of a really bad wreck. Reflect back to a time when you may have been really sick and He healed you. How about a moment when you needed a financial breakthrough and He stepped in right on time monetarily?

Furthermore, think about an instance when you needed wisdom to move forward or not move ahead on a major decision and He kept you from making a huge mistake? The list could go on and on, right? Yet, the point here is to be thankful no matter what, because when the storms of life come, it’s so easy to focus on the problem instead of the solution. It’s so easy to focus on the pain vs. the forthcoming healing or potential miracle. It’s so easy to take our eyes off of Jesus and look at the circumstance or trial instead of the Word of God. Yet, wouldn’t it be a little easier to simply say, “Thank you, Lord. I trust you, and I really appreciate you for being there for me.”

So whether you’re weathering a storm right now or you’ve weathered a storm this year, take a little time to be grateful for all of His goodness, loving kindness, mercy, grace, strength, provision, and love. First Thessalonians 5:18 gently reminds us, “In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” Go for it! ;-)