What do you expect?


When things don’t work out the way you want them to---what do you expect?

When things are more difficult than you thought or things take longer than you anticipated—what do you expect?

When your reality doesn’t seem to match up with your dreams and goals---what do you expect?

Most times we set goals and make plans based on what we say we want.

We sign up for the gym; buy the latest books; create a new plan—all in the hopes that we will follow through on the actions that will enable us to achieve our desired outcome.  But unfortunately, what we find is that those things don’t pan out the way we’d hoped.  Then before we know it, it’s already the fourth quarter of the year and we’re no closer to actually achieving those goals and making our resolutions a reality than we were when we set them.

So what’s missing? Why don’t we seem to get there?

What did you expect?

Our desires are one thing.  Our thoughts and actions have to align with them in order for what we think we want to become what we actually expect and therefore materialize into what we receive.

Expectations are based on past experiences.  If we want to receive the good that is in store for us, then we have to change our mind’s view and our expectations of what will be.  For example, if you were constantly told that you were unlovable, unattractive and undesirable, then more than likely you’ll have some difficulty following through on your resolutions and plans to get in shape, be open to new relationships or even to disconnect from toxic people in your life.  It’s hard to expect success in opening your own business or even consider applying for a new position or promotion if you’ve become used to living paycheck to paycheck and believed all of your life that you would never have money and didn’t “deserve” success.

Beyond hard work and dedication, you have to set an expectation of success.

If you don’t expect the best; then 9 times out of 10 you won’t follow through with the actions necessary to create success.  It all begins in your mind. 

Before you create another vision board; sign up for another conference; buy another book or register for another class—ask yourself an honest question: “What do you expect?”  If the answer to that question isn’t in alignment with what you see as a successful outcome, then you have some internal work to do before you can begin the process of making a decision and honoring it with action to get what you really want—and expect.