You Can Accomplish BIG Goals, Even in Summer!


Those lazy days of summer evoke images of sipping lemonade, heading over to the beach or showing off a new pedicure with those cute, strappy sandals you've been longing to unearth from the depths of your closet.

While summer is often the time to cool down, you can use this season to intentionally turn up the heat on those projects you’ve relegated to the cold, back burner. With family holidays, warmer weather and a slower pace, it may feel impossible. Yet, it's incredibly doable!

First, determine which project you want to get traction on first. Is it that book you’re writing? A new offering for your business? Or something artistic? Choose that one thing that's been hanging over your head for far too long. Don’t listen to the negative thoughts that say, “This won't work” and “It can't be done.” That short circuits your plans before they've begun. If the doubts come, acknowledge them and say, “Thanks for your contribution, but I'm not listening to you today!” Follow your desire.

Now that you've chosen your exciting venture, list up to ten steps that are required to make it happen. You're dividing this big task into smaller mini-goals. Don't overthink it.

You have your mini-goals. Congratulations! Now it's time to pick one. Sometimes, there will be an obvious order of what to focus on first. But, everything won’t be in chronological order. In that case, depending on your personality, go with the one that sounds the easiest and most fun (for those of you looking for quick momentum-producing wins), or go with the one that seems most unpleasant (for those of you who like to eat your veggies first!). Now break that mini-goal into at least five action steps.

Now you have at least five action steps toward the mini-goal you've selected. Here’s where it gets fun. You are only allowed to spend 15-20 minutes per day on an action step to accomplish that mini-goal. That's it. It's not merely the 15-20 minutes that makes the difference; it's the per day action where the magic happens. The outcome you want is a result of your consistent action.

Leadership expert, John C. Maxwell, says, “Small disciplines repeated with consistency every day lead to great achievements . . .” The smaller the task, the shorter the time commitment and the more likely it is that you'll not only do it, but stick with it long-term.

Committing to such short bursts of daily, intentional activity toward your goal, you still have plenty of time to relax around the pool. It's the perfect summer plan to get you moving!