You Have Power


Almost 15 years ago, my English teacher wrote in my senior memory book words that I have never forgotten: “Never settle for less than your best.”

She knew me well because she was my teacher both in ninth and twelfth grade. If she saw me today, she may not recognize me. She may not remember signing my memory book. She may not remember the words she wrote. But I remember.

Her words have had a powerful impact on my life. I’ve had times when I felt like giving up on a task or on my dreams. I’ve had times when I just felt like giving my minimum effort. And many of these times, her words have echoed in my mind. I’ve been reminded giving my best is enough, and I can trust God to do the rest. I should never settle for less than my best. Sometimes when I felt discouraged, I used to search my room for the page on which Ms. Karen Stemer wrote. Now, the single page remains on one of my nightstands.

Seven simple but powerful words have remained in my memory bank all these years. They have encouraged me, strengthened me and reminded me of my potential and my worth. Seven words. One woman’s words.

Like my teacher you have power, too. You have the power to give hope and speak words of encouragement to someone who needs it. You are someone’s voice. You are someone’s evidence that miracles happen, that wounds do heal and that any dream is possible. You are someone’s inspiration. You are someone’s symbol of triumph. You are someone’s help.

Once I met a woman and while we were talking she jokingly mentioned the one thing she was good at was performing oral sex. Her words shocked me, but I could see she believed them. I contemplated what I could say to this woman who didn’t have any idea of her power or value. I looked at her and lovingly said, “You have got to know you have more value than that. You are worth more than just that.” Tears began to stream down her face.

In case no one has ever told you or in case you need reminding, you have immeasurable power and value. You are able to impact someone’s world like my teacher impacted mine or someone has impacted yours. Don’t short-change yourself. Don’t minimize your talent, your skills, your gifts or your power, thinking what you have to give is insignificant. Pour yourself into your dreams, into your purpose, into achieving God’s best in every area of your life and watch God do some amazing things through you. 

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