10 After-School activities to do with your kids


For many children, school has either already begun or is about to begin soon. If you are a mother, then you know what it’s like to have the alarm clock buzz loudly, then roll over out of bed and scurry off to wake up your kid or kiddos to get ready for school. However, what about when the bell rings after school? Do you have any plans or activities scheduled for your children, aside from the usual car ride home and homework?

How about you do something fresh and new this year! Try making a creative schedule or calendar of fun activities for your kids for after the bell rings. In this article, you’ll find some helpful tips and suggestions of how to spend quality time with your little ones and a few extras for the teenagers. So no matter what age of your child, there’s fun for everyone!

  1. Ice cream sundae time! As soon as they jump into the car ask this question, “Would anyone like some ice cream?”
  2. Purchase or break out a board game to play over dinner time.
  3. After homework is done, create a meal together. Go online, search for a new recipe, go to your nearby grocery store and get to cooking up that new delicious dish together!
  4. Bake some homemade chocolate chip cookies (or whichever ones they like), put them on a platter, retreat to the living room area and share a childhood story with them. Take a break to allow your kids to get to know you better over cookies. 
  5. Take them to the park for a swing or long stroll with conversation. (Quick tip: Put away your cell phone and spend that uninterrupted quality time with your child or children.)  
  6. Bonding time! Go out for an appetizer and dessert and engage in conversation. Ask questions and get to know your child or teen better. This is also a great way to talk about real issues of the day.
  7. Start a scrapbook for 2017/2018. Take a ride to Hobby Lobby (after school) and choose a scrapbook then gather your markers, stickers, glue sticks and creative background paper and prepare to go to work. This is a great way to save your memories and create new ones.
  8. After homework, dinner and baths, hop on the sofa and read them a story from the Bible (their choice).
  9. Break out the pillows and have an old-fashioned pillow fight after homework and dinner. It’s super fun!
  10. Go to the movies or rent a movie right after school. It’s different for a week day! Grab some popcorn and soft drinks, and enjoy the show.    

Remember, children are a gift from the Lord. Spending quality time with them shows our gratitude to God and the ones entrusted to our care. Psalm 127:3 states, “Children are a gift from the Lord; they are a reward from him.” Your kids may have video games, cell phones and toys to be entertained. Yet, at the end of the day, they still need you, mom.

It’s been stated that moms still have the greatest influence and impact in their kids’ lives. You matter! So this school year, choose to do some different, fun activities with your children. These tips are simply great conversation starters, but also creative ways to generate amazing memories that are sure to last forever. Go for it…after the bell rings!