DIY Edible Fruit Arrangements


Summer months are upon us and are the prime season for fresh fruit. If you want to shake things up at summer cookouts or picnic, try building your own edible arrangement. Though buying fruit itself can be expensive, ordering a pre-made edible arrangement can cost upwards of $100, which is a lot more if you’re comparing numbers. Making your own arrangement will definitely be easier on your wallet.

All you need to build your own arrangement is:

●Fruit of your choice

●Wooden barbeque skewers

●Chocolate dip or squares

●A bowl or container of your choice

●A Styrofoam-like ball (should fit snugly in your container)

●Roughly an hour

First, choose an arrangement to mimic; there are examples online to pick from, or spark your imagination for an original creation. Whether you choose an extravagant one or a simpler structure, be cautious when cutting your fruit into shapes. Once you have finished chopping, feel free to incorporate chocolate.

Chocolate dip comes in easy here; just dip and style the fruit to your liking. If using chocolate squares, it must first be melted. One way to do this is to begin by boiling water. Adjust the heat slightly and place chocolate squares in a (preferably) metal bowl, nesting it inside of the pot. This way, the heat and steam from the water will warm the bottom of the bowl, melting the chocolate. Using a skewer, dip fruit in the melted chocolate, allowing it to harden briefly before placing it on the arrangement.

Keep in mind that an edible arrangement needs to be sturdy where it stands. This is where the Styrofoam-like ball from your local craft store comes into play. It will be a foundation for your custom-made edible arrangement. It can be any size you prefer. Once it is placed snugly in a container, begin sticking your fruit-and-chocolate-kabobs into the Styrofoam. You may notice in the early stages of the building process that your skewers need to be shortened, though it is all a matter of personal preference. Once your skewers are in place, you have your very own edible arrangement. Enjoy (and watch for the pointy end)!