5 Golden Keys to Organize this Place Called Home


Picture yourself walking through the door of your house.  Your arms full of shopping bags while you do your “open the door dance” to get out of the cold weather.  As you place your keys in the crystal red bowl by the front door. Your scarf is hung on the coat rack as you wander towards the aroma of a sweet potato pie that’s filled the house along with the laughter of family and friends as you say to yourself, “Ah, this is the place called home.”

As we move into the new year, my heart is filled with joy, knowing that we can soon celebrate the year that we’ve had and dance into the new year by organizing this place called home with our loved ones.  What I’ve learned during my personal journey to creating this place called home is to  start with foundational keys that you can build upon as you start your journey too.  

  1. Know your vision- How do you want your place to look and feel.  Take a relaxing moment to flip through your favorite glossy magazine or skip over to Pinterest to get ideas by creating a vision board that you can keep in your office or in your home.
  2. Have a House Party- It’s time to gather the items that you no longer want, invite friends over, turn up the music and let them peruse through your chosen items. This way you’re cleansing your home and your friends leave with some items they’ve had their eyes on for a while.
  3. Map It Out- Know how you want your home to flow and where you want certain products staged in your home to support your organizing goals. You may have to enlist the help a professional organizer to bounce ideas off and help with mapping it out.
  4. Find products that makes your heart sing- There’s nothing more exhilarating than finding the perfect product that makes life easier.  From a Lazy Susan to a sliver three-tiered pot and pan organizer. Having products that make your heart sing will invite you to use them often and stay organized
  5. Journal- It’s time to get those thoughts out of your head and on to paper. We all know the feeling when we are trying something new. Write them down! The good, bad and the ugly. This way you’ll know what to replace to make being organized easy.

 As a professional organizer and life coach, I share with my clientele to organize their ambiance. Yes, ambiance.  See, this place called home is an organized showcase of who you are as a woman, the momentous and celebratory occasions with those that you love and adore. Adorning and organizing your home will not only create a healthy, organized and satisfying space for you. All who encounter you and your home will leave with a little bit of your organized ambiance too.