A World without Scales


Learning to Lay Aside Every Weight of Your Weight

I have a dear friend whom I see twice a year. She’s approximately 35 years my senior and has been a mentor to me in the areas of faith, prayer, marriage, grace and integrity. Year after year, whenever we get together, I always begin the conversation with, “How are you doing? How have you been?” Her response is always the same: “Chile, I’m trying to get this weight off!”

I always chuckle at her reply because she’s gracefully beautiful and in great shape, in my opinion. But with all her awesomeness, she has fallen into the same groove as many other women: we stress about our weight without cause. Stressing about your weight affects other areas in your life. It dampens your intimate relationships, both intellectually and physically. Turn up the heat on your relationships this summer by deciding to remove weight stress from your plate. Don’t stress anymore about weight.

Imagine a world with no scales and no dress sizes. All of your clothes are custom-made and the true measure of beauty is based on your blood pressure, AC1 levels, cholesterol, flexibility, heart rate, kidney function, skin and hair condition and emotional/mental outlook. In that world, your focus would be solely on your self-care. Beauty and self-image goals would stem from overall health instead of social events and impressing a man or colleagues. Your diet and nutrition choices would be about how food affects your wellness, not the effects on your wardrobe.

Self-care is a key component of intimate relationships. Women who value themselves enough to care for their bodies and emotions are more open to someone else caring for them at the same level or greater. When you take good care of yourself physically and emotionally, you expect your closest friends to care for you in the same way. When they do, you grow closer (intimacy). When they don’t, you move on (standards). Learning to shift your focus from your weight to your overall well-being and care will lead to deeper relationships with others.

Turn up the heat on your relationships this summer by learning to identify what’s best for you physically, emotionally and socially. Shift your focus from the scale and dress sizes to your overall wellness. Ask yourself every day, “What do I need today to be healthy and happy?” Give yourself permission to pursue it and continue your pursuit until your daily wellness needs are met. This renewed focus on taking care of yourself will spill over into your social life and cause you to deepen your relationships with the people you care about most. You’ll become comfortable with being deeply loved by you and others, and regularly stressing about your weight will cease.