Authentically Organized


I can remember the day vividly; she was looking at me. Her stare was so deep that I had no choice but to pull up a chair to have a face to face meeting with her. Although we met weekly, this time it felt different.  Was it me or was it her? No, it was me.

I can remember at the top of the year, I was giddy about the agreement to take my home and life from blah to bombshell in 90 days. Although a lot of things happened during those 90 days, how did I know if I was on track? It was time to check in with my planner.

It’s always been my belief that a good 90 days can change your life and home.  30 days to acquaint yourself with current information. 30 days to implement and 30 days to see the results. Here’s 4 steps that you can check in with to make sure you’re Authentically Organized.

  1. Organizing Yourself- Our homes reflect who where are. During this 30-day process, it’s all about mind and home renewing. Out with the old and in with the new. This includes re-evaluating our current organizing processes of the mind with affirmations, spring cleaning your home with checklists and answering heart centered questions like, does my home bring me harmony and bliss? Will cutting back on extracurricular activities increase our family time?
  2. Believing in Yourself- Who are you? What do you bring to the table? Believing that you’ve organized your life and home enough that it reflects who you are can make any women walk with her shoulders back, head held high and a dazzling smile on her face. Knowing that you are wonderfully made and can do all things will ensure that you’re grounded in who you are so that we can willfully walk into the last step of this process.
  3. Show Up as Yourself- All the makings of you (your smile, how you relate to others, how your heart laughs when you’re tickled) is all the authentic you. Showing up as yourself empowers not only you but those that are around you. When you walk boldly into a room, you’re not there to take over, you’re there to add MORE to the party of life. So be true to yourself.
  4. Celebrate Yourself- Throw a party for yourself. Rewarding ourselves after reaching work, home and life goals helps to keep us focused on what’s ahead. Take some time out to grab your girlfriends and celebrate where you are in your goals.

Until the next time we meet, Stay Authentically Organized!