Becoming fearless over clutter


Today I realized that my biggest breakthroughs in life came from conquering the fear of decluttering. I can remember the day my foot stepped on an Am-track train to move to Florida. The thought of starting a new chapter in life was both empowering and exhausting as I looked down on the ground to see that my prized possessions were in a duffle bag and a college trunk. The process of decluttering was challenging but it was doable. So many thoughts raced through my mind like a kid playing double-dutch. Should I start, or should I walk away. To some, decluttering is simply placing the things you don’t want into a box to drop off at the local church. While to others, coming face to face with who, what, when and why you are decluttering can instantly bring on fear. Soon enough, you’ll avoid the process all together by ignoring the boxes sitting in the middle of the living room floor. The subtle need to find other things to do will become your priority.

Having thoughts like:

“I’m not giving this way. I paid good money for this”

“I can’t possibly through this vase away, my grandmother gave it to me.”

“What if I can’t find another item like it?”

“I don’t want to do all this work because it’s too hard”

It’s fearful thoughts like these that hold your mind captive and stop you from living your best life. Being fully committed to changing your thoughts of fear to thoughts of hope, perseverance and passion that will move you forward to the life that you pinned on your Pinterest board. Are you ready? Let’s get to it. Here are 4 empowering mind-shifts that if applied consistently, will help you move forward with decluttering and start winning in life.

  • Eliminate the Thoughts of Scarcity-Thinking that someday we won’t have enough money, food or clothes will cause overspending or mindless shopping. Knowing that you’ll have what you need will position you to win this mental battle, plus you’ll save money too.
  • Put Our Memories into Perspective- In life, there are those we hold near and dear to our hearts. The days, months and years that we experience together are priceless but we don’t need physical objects to remember that. When our minds understand that it is memories of the people and not the material things that are important, it’s easier to let things go.
  • Schedule Your Motivation Times-Are you too busy to declutter your life and home? Scheduling your decluttering times when you have the most energy will allow you to see your desired results quickly.
  • Things Don’t Define Who We Are-The car we drive and the clothes that we wear don’t define who we are. They make our lives easier, but know that characteristics like, integrity, love and compassion really show who we are as people.

When we take the time to release the fear of decluttering, we can then show up in the world with a clear agenda and the actions to make it happen. Until next time. #nofearhere.