25 and Counting Author Donna Hill Marks Anniversary with New Series

Author Donna Hill is celebrating her 25th publishing anniversary with a new book and a new name. “My latest release is Murder in the Aisles,” said Hill, who has published more than 70 books, three of which have been made into movies. “It features my librarian sleuth, Felicia Swift. Of course, she is not your typical librarian. She’s hot, sexy and brilliant. And she has some personality quirks that play a big role in her life. She works for The Library of Congress in D.C., and she comes to work early one morning to find one of her colleagues dead in the aisle. The detective assigned to the case, ultra-fine Mark Rizzo, doesn't believe Felicia when she insists that the death was not an accident and she sets out to prove it. Needless to say, the two team up for a thrill ride in more ways than one.”

This is the first in this series.

“I decided to use a pen name Olivia Hill for this series because I want these stories to be distinct from my romance and women's fiction. Olivia is my middle name.”

As with any person pursuing her dream, Hill has had challenges. But she sees it all as a key part of the journey. “I can't say that there has been a worst part of this 25-year odyssey,” she said. “I will say that the best part has been being able to do what I love and all of the doors that writing has opened for me. I'm sure I would not have traveled to so many places and met people who have enhanced and changed my life if I were not an author.”

She also believes there is more in store.

“Sometimes, I feel as if I've only begun!”

To learn more about Donna Hill and her books, visit donnahill.com or facebook.com/donnahillfans.