Book Spotlight | Angela Hunt

DelilahHope for Women recently spoke with prolific writer Angela Hunt about her newest novel, Delilah.

Tell me about your book, Delilah.
Delilah is the story of a woman who seeks vengeance for atrocious wrongs in her past. I know she gets a bad rap, but honestly, people always have a motivation for the bad things they do—even psychopaths. So I came up with a story that explores Delilah's motivation. 

Why did you decide to write it?
Because lots of people write about righteous women.  Don't unrighteous women have things to teach us, too? Even if it's what not to do, I think we can learn from her story. 

What can readers expect when they read one of your books?

The unexpected. 

You have published more than 130 books over multiple genres. What is your favorite book you have published and why? 

I can't choose a favorite book—that would be like choosing a favorite child. But honestly, my favorite book is always the one I've just cleared off my desk! 

What advice do you have for people interested in publishing a book?

Learn how to write before you start writing. Writing for publication is not like writing a high school essay. Fortunately, there are many wonderful Christian writers' conferences held all over the country. I lead one myself, with my friend Nancy Rue, at Glen Eyrie. We're teaching this year in July. For more information, go to

What is the biggest lesson you want readers to learn from your stories?

A recurring theme in my books is the sovereignty of God. He is sovereign over everything in our lives, so if we're going through it, He's allowed it for a purpose. Knowing that gives me—and my characters—great peace. 

What is the biggest lesson you want people to learn from your life?

That being a Christian does not mean we're to be isolated from the world. The world will never know that God loves them until we love them. 

What's next for Angela Hunt?

I'm excited about a new series I'm writing now—it's set in the Intertestamental Period, the four hundred years between the Old and New Testaments. Fascinating stuff.

To learn more about Angela Hunt, visit her website, or connect with her via Facebook.

Photo by Jeff Calenberg