Facing Your Fears | Author Catherine West

cathy westAward-winning author Catherine West wants readers to know when they face their fears, anything is possible.

In her latest novel, The Things We Knew, West delves into the life of Lynette Carlisle who has watched her close-knit family unravel after her mother’s death 12 years ago. Lynette’s siblings, who blame their father for their mother’s death, have all left their family home in Nantucket and haven’t returned. When Lynette’s teenage crush Nicholas Cooper returns to Nantucket, he brings the truth about her mother’s death with him. Lynette’s siblings return home as a result of their father’s failing health, which results in a perfect storm that makes them question all they thought they knew.

“I love big family drama stories, and I’d always wanted to write one,” she said of why she wrote the book. “As the ideas began to form, I thought it would be a great way to explore all the complex dynamics of a large family, each member with their own issues to overcome. I loved the setting of Nantucket, and I think the island backdrop adds another character to the story in itself, along with the old house that holds many secrets.”

West believes the book offers several central themes.

 “I think the integral themes in The Things We Knew are forgiveness, reconciliation, and hope,” she said. “When we face our fears and do our best to conquer them, anything is possible. Also, coming to an understanding that we are never really alone is a very important part of the story. As the family comes to terms with the tragedies of the past, they must choose between believing what they want to, and accepting the things they now know to be true. I think we’ve all been faced with that choice at some point, so readers will resonate with that. Truth is always the only way forward.”

Readers won’t have to wait long for more of West’s work.

“Well, we’re working on edits on my next book, The Memory of You, right now, which will release through Harper Collins Christian Publishing in March 2017,” she said. “It’s also a story that deals with the intricacies of family estrangement, and how the things from the past can haunt us. It takes place in a very different setting, but just as beautiful. I will be sharing more information about the book over the coming months.”

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