Faith Finds a Home

Author Stacy Hawkins Adams Releases Final Book in TrilogyEven though author Stacy Hawkins Adams is about to enter a new season, fans will be happy to know that she kept her promise.

“First, I must share that I wrote this book to keep a promise to my readers who have been waiting for this novel for several years. I didn’t want to leave them hanging! Finding Home is the third and final book in my Winds of Change women’s fiction series. The series centers on three sisters in one family and how the impact of growing up as a preacher’s daughters in a small southern town has affected their self-image and their choices as adults. Each book in the series is written as a stand-alone title, so readers won’t feel lost or as if you’ve missed something by starting with Finding Home first. But the other two books in the series are Coming Home (published in 2012) and Lead Me Home (published in 2013).”

Finding Home is somewhat bittersweet for Adams who plans to take a break from fiction.

“Well, talk about seasons. I’m in one now where I’m preparing to see my daughter off to college in the fall, just as my son begins high school. I’ve decided that after releasing Finding Home, I’m going to take a sabbatical from writing fiction. I’m going to spread the word far and wide about Finding Home and my other nine books over the next few years. But instead of tucking myself away in my proverbial ‘writing cave’ to focus on more fiction, I’m going to shift gears and write more nonfiction— essays, columns and articles. I’ve been a professional journalist for more than 20 years, so this alternative to creating characters will still feed my love of writing for the next few years without requiring me to miss being present during these important parenting years. I’m juggling a ‘day job’ that I love (as a communications and marketing professional), family commitments and writing. More fiction is definitely coming. It will just simmer for a few years. I hope my readers will appreciate the nonfiction writing I produce in the meantime, and will be encouraged and inspired by it. Stay tuned!

“Regarding my new novel, I hope readers will enjoy Finding Home and my other books. I hope they wind up caring about the characters so much that in the process, they begin caring more deeply about their own personal growth and their own journeys to deeper joy and greater faith.”

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