Book Spotlight: Leslie J. Sherrod

The Man of My Schemes“After writing intense, edge-of-the-seat thrillers complete with kidnappings, missing persons, and even a terror plot, I needed to take a moment to step back, lighten up and write something pure fun,” said Sherrod who has had six books in print since 2006, including her latest, Man of My Schemes. “I’m a social worker by day, and although I found it therapeutic to write stories about heavy life matters with endings I could somewhat control, I absolutely needed to write a new story with a zany character whose adventures I couldn’t. Berry Jenkins, the star of The Man of My Schemes is that goofy friend who gets you caught up in her well-meaning but poorly planned shenanigans. You want to shake her, cry with her, and then laugh about what happened and hope for the best.” While this book is a departure for her, Sherrod is very clear on her writing mission.

“Writing Christian fiction wasn’t so much a decision I made as it was a natural extension of who I am and what I am about,” she said. “I love Jesus. I want to be drawn closer to Him and bring Him glory. And I want to be a genuine encouragement to others by being a vessel of hope and healing. When I started penning my first novel, I knew nothing about a genre called Christian fiction. I wasn’t writing for a particular publishing audience. I simply wrote what I knew and believed, and my stories have continued in that vein.”

She believes there are more stories to come.

“I’m torn about what to work on next. Because I’m not certain, I’m actively being still. I thank God for the numerous doors He’s opened for me, and I even thank Him for the closed ones as I count them as His perfect, divine protection and purpose being worked out. I trust His timing, and I’m seeking Him to clarify new dreams and renewed vision. Stay tuned.”

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