New Book Chronicles Author's 180-Pound Weight-Loss Journey

Liana SimsIf you want to pursue your dreams, author Liana Sims wants you to know you shouldn’t put off until Monday what you can do today. “Monday Never Comes is a story of triumph and victory in the face of what seemed impossible,” Sims said of her new book, which she decided to write after losing more than 180 pounds naturally. “Even if your battle isn’t against obesity, we all face battles in life. It’s good to know that those battles don’t have to stifle us. In this book, I share that my fight against obesity wasn’t won in the kitchen or in the gym. I conquered the fight in my mind. What are you seeking to conquer? Is it school, a career goal, an addiction, a toxic relationship? Regardless of what your thing is, we all have a thing and like my obesity, those things may seem impossible, but they are not. I share my story and the principles learned along the journey to help others overcome the seemingly impossible.”

Sims believes that although she struggled with food addiction, we all have issues we must overcome to pursue our dreams.

“I believe in the power of a story,” she said. “I decided to write my story because I realized that maybe, just maybe, it has the power to provide insight and help someone else navigate their path. Also, I share because I allow myself to be transparent and thus, relatable to others. I share the ups and the downs--not just the glory of the success--but the struggle of the process. Because of this, I believe anyone can read my book, and on at least one of the pages, they can see themselves. I am very transparent because I want people to know that no matter where they are on the continuum, there is still hope. They can pick up right where they are and move forward with the pursuit of their dreams.” Sims believes momentum is the key.


11825143_866992113338566_4543327211471785502_n“Momentum is the enemy of fear. You don’t have to get rid of fear first. The dreams in our lives seem impossible and that fear often results in paralysis,” she said. “My greatest advice is to ‘move.’ Just make one decision today that you didn’t make yesterday. Don’t look at the overwhelming task in front of you. Instead, consider one thing that you can do toward the accomplishment of that goal. Once you complete that one task, pursue the next and the next. Eventually, what once seemed impossible begins to feel real and attainable, but that only happens with momentum. Confidence is built along the journey, not before you begin the journey.”

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