Roby Is On a Roll

?????New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Kimberla Lawson Roby loves her fans, and she is determined to continue giving them great stories. “While I do enjoy writing and creating stories, the absolute best part about being a novelist (for me, anyway), is having the opportunity to communicate and spend time with my readers,” Roby said. “These are the people who regularly encourage me to keep writing, giving the kindest feedback, and I am forever grateful to them.”

Roby’s latest novella tackles another real-life issue.

Best Friends Forever centers on Celine Richardson, who in a matter of days, learns that she has breast cancer and her husband is leaving her for another woman. She, of course, is devastated. Even though her best friend, Lauren, steps in to support Celine and her daughter, Celine truly wants to give up,” she said.

Roby is no stranger to wanting to give up, especially after receiving numerous rejections from publishers after writing her first novel. She credits her longevity in publishing to her husband, Will, and her fans.

“(Will) has always been the most supportive husband, and of the 22 national book tours I’ve embarked on around the country, he has traveled with me on every last one of them. Even when I’m exhausted or stressed, he’s the person comforting and encouraging me,” she said. Roby fans won’t have to wait long for more stories. Her 24th book, A Sinful Calling, will be released in June. The story is the 13th title in her Reverend Curtis Black series. Her 25th novel will be released in early 2017.

“I write about social issues that many people can relate to. I also write about issues that are sometimes controversial or taboo, but I never sugarcoat them. I write the truth in hopes that it will help at least one person and hopefully many,” Roby said.

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