Short Time, Lasting Value

Sheila Walsh’s new devotional asks you for just five minutes of your dayLife can get fairly hectic a lot of the time, and many women feel like there is never enough time for certain things—including daily time with Jesus. Sheila Walsh, an author and speaker who has been a part of Women of Faith for the last 20 years, felt a calling to help others who are just like most of you—extremely busy—by providing a devotional that requires no more than five minutes of your time each day. Her book, 5 Minutes with Jesus: Making Today Matter, encourages individuals to start each day by dedicating just five minutes of their time to spend with God. Walsh truly believes that even a small amount of time can have an incredible impact on a person.

“What I really want is to open a door that anyone can walk through,” Walsh said. “My heart is that even if people could only spend five minutes, if they could just walk into every single day with the Word of God instilled in them and give them hunger for more, then it would make them stronger.”

Walsh said she often meets women at the Women of Faith conferences who express desires to study God’s Word, but say they are simply too busy to do so. She also was inspired by seeing her son, Christian, before he left for college at Texas A&M University, among his group of friends. She realized that she wanted to be able to put something in their hands to help guide them and not lose focus. She knew it wouldn’t have to be something extensive or that would involve a tremendous time commitment, as many people are either part of Bible studies already or simply don’t feel like they are able to attend them on a regular weekly basis.

9780718032548_image 2“What I wanted was something any single person—whether you’re 15 or 85—can have and grasp in their hands,” Walsh said. “Nobody can really say, ‘I can’t do five minutes.’”

At the end of each devotional is a passage of Scripture to remind readers to “slow down in their heads a little bit,” even if they can only find a few moments to do so. For Walsh, making this time a priority is something that’s essential to her daily schedule, as she said that nothing impacts her life quite like spending time with Jesus. She said a mere five minutes can change the entire trajectory of a person’s day, and including the Scripture is a vital component.

“To me, God’s Word is like a lighthouse that will navigate you through the darkest storms,” she said. “That’s the way I see the Word of God. We’ll steer our course by that light.”

But 5 Minutes with Jesus isn’t the final step in Walsh’s impact on others. She’s created Braveheart Sisterhood in hopes of encouraging women everywhere to stand boldly and know their identities in Christ. Walsh originally never saw herself in women’s ministry—laughing as she exclaimed she didn’t even own Tupperware—but God had other plans for her. She said this is a different kind of ministry, one that is based on transparency and truth.

“I’ve had this dream in my heart for years, just waiting for God’s timing, and He’s saying, ‘Now,’” Walsh said. “There’s nothing the enemy wants more than us feeling alone and feeling ashamed. But I see a movement of God’s daughters around the world, waiting to be counted.”