The Wait is Over | Author Erynn Mangum releases new series

Erynn MangumErynn Mangum loves women and words. From her popular Maya Davis series to her Lauren Holbrook series, Mangum has a way of featuring real women in relatable situations. It doesn’t hurt that she often sweetens the stories with coffee or chocolate, either.

Hope for Women recently spoke with the author and soon-to-be mom of three to discuss fiction, faith and family.

Tell me about your new novel, Katie in Waiting. Katie in Waiting is about a girl who has always wanted to be married and have kids, but she still hasn’t met a guy yet. She’s starting to lose hope that God even has someone out there for her and soon, this desire takes over her life. Katie’s personality is a little more serious than some of my other characters, but I love her vulnerability in this book.

Why did you decide to write a new series? I think waiting is one of the hardest things most of us go through—we all have to wait for something at some point in our lives. And especially when it’s something that is good—like a husband or a child, it’s even harder. I wanted to write a series about three girls who are all in the same boat and just see how each of them handled it.

How do you balance being a lover of Jesus, wife, soon-to-be mother of three and a writer? Sometimes, not very well. Ha! Especially when I am on deadline, pretty much everything else falls to the wayside. My husband is so sweet to be understanding about the disaster zone that overtakes our house during those days. And my kids often end up watching a lot of Disney Junior, though I do my best to keep the writing to during their rest and nap times. We will see what happens when this new baby joins our family.

Why did you decide to write Christian fiction? I want everything I do to glorify Jesus, and one of the ways that is possible is by writing Christian fiction. I want my books to be something that someone could give a friend who isn’t a Christian so they can see the love of Jesus. I feel like stories are such a powerful tool. I think that is why Jesus taught in parables so often.

Why did you decide coffee would play a role in your novels? When I first started writing, I would drink about a pot of coffee a day during deadlines. It was scary how much I consumed. I think that came out a lot, especially in the earlier books. Once we started trying to get pregnant with my oldest, I stopped drinking caffeine. So I actually haven’t had caffeine on a regular basis in over six years. It’s crazy. I feel like I’m missing a lot of my personality now. I still drink a cup of decaf every morning, but it’s just not the same.

What do we have to look forward to from Erynn Mangum in the near future? Katie in Waiting releases November 20, and there will be two more novels releasing in that series—Once Upon Eliza and Happily Ever Ashten. I’m so excited for you all to meet this group of friends.

What do you hope your legacy for your children will be? Oh my goodness, talk about a heart question! I hope they will know how incredibly loved they are—not just by me and my husband, but by their Heavenly Father as well. I pray for them every night to grow up to be men (and now we are praying for our sweet baby girl on her way too!) who love Jesus, who follow His commands and who love other people. I think every parent wants their children to succeed, and of course I want that for them. But way more than that, I want them to be lovers of Jesus first and foremost.

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