Cut Off Closet Chaos

Gain more headspace by de-cluttering your closet.
Gain more headspace by de-cluttering your closet.

You’re a saver, a “just incas-er.” You hang onto that old prom dress because, “Oh, the memories!” Those candy colored chandelier earrings will surely come back into style, right? This may be true, but if you’re feeling like a head-case, you may want to look in your closet. Holding on to stuff can absolutely take up valuable real estate, both in your home and your head. It’s amazing what a good closet purge can do for your sense of well being. Here are some guidelines for clearing out that clutter.

1) Take It All Out That’s right; take everything out of your closet, every last stich. Turn your bedroom into the aftermath of a clothes bomb, but be strategic about it. Lay your clothes on the bed, and place your shoes along one side of the room. Place bags and other accessories on the other side of the room, and clean off your dresser of knick-knacks to use as another place to sort and organize. Now that it’s bare bones in your wardrobe, the real fun begins.

2) Get Naked

Speaking of bare bones, you’re going to need to try some things on. So, start by taking it off. Put on your strapless nude bra, a thong, and a slip or robe that can easily be taken off. That way, if you have a question about the fit of something, you can try it on to know the truth. This will help you purge more stuff, especially the things that you haven’t put on your body in a few years.

3) Out with the Old

Haven’t worn it or it hasn’t fit you in three seasons? Ditch it (consign or donate, of course). If you keep shoving it in the back of your closet with hopes that you will like it better or it will fit in a year’s time, chances are you are working against yourself. And by all means, get rid of those uncomfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than a gal teetering in heels that don’t fit properly! By hoarding clothes that go un-worn season after season, you are drowning yourself in stuff! No wonder you can’t ever find anything to wear! Exceptions include classic, dressy pieces and formal wear that we may only wear sporadically during a year.

4) Sentimental Storage

Purchase one large plastic bin that seems reasonable enough to fill with your favorite sentimental pieces--your prized 80’s concert tees, that old prom dress, your mother’s vintage bell-bottom jeans. Our clothes are indeed representative of our life’s timeline, so it’s okay if you can’t part with everything. Just make sure to only fill one container. You don’t have to keep all of the items to keep the memories alive.

5) Organization Station

Now that you have made your purge piles: What to sell, donate, ditch, or store, get the garbage bags out and go to town. Put the sell and donate bags in your car so you can get them out of the way. Store your sentimental bin in your basement or attic, and trash the ditch bags. Now you can start to put everything back into your closet. Coordinate by color and style for the most efficient organization. You can get dressed a lot quicker if you don’t have to thumb through every article of clothing to find one item.

Now, look at you! Your closet feels and looks lighter, and I bet your head does, too! It’s the best half-day you can spend with yourself. Make it a date!

Photo credit: PicJumbo