Dear Curvy Girl: What’s In Your Closet? . . .


It’s Monday morning, you overslept, you have to be at work soon, and time is not on your side right now. That means that this ensemble is going to have to be quick, easy, chic, and practically effortless. So the question now is simply, “What’s in your closet?” There are a few pieces I think a woman with curves (or any woman for that matter) should always have in her closet, ready and willing to make her look nothing short of fabulous! Go-to pieces are 100% necessary. We don’t always have time to put a lot of brain power into what looks good on us that day, nor do we always want to put all that much thought into it. Having some of these items in your closet will help you out on those days, guaranteed.

1) Heels; we love them, we obsess over them, we can’t live without them, and we really don’t intend on trying to, am I right? Something about them we just can’t seem to get enough of. I put them on this list because of everything they’re capable of doing for your outfit. Changing up and/or dressing up just about any ensemble is practically effortless when a basic pair of heels comes into play. Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a pencil skirt, maybe even shorts, all of the above can be dolled up with the perfect pump in no time.

2) The Blazer; One in every color would be ideal but basic colors will suffice as well. Blazers have a way of giving you and your curves a grown and sexy appearance with just the slip of a sleeve. Solid colors are perfect for last minute change ups to your everyday look, but you certainly aren’t limited to just those. Blazers can be found in a plethora of patterns and colors that are sure to give your waistline a very well put together image, so branch out and explore what works for you!

Item number three on this list is a guaranteed must have. Ladies … we all should have one pieces. Personally speaking, I go for a maxi or jumpsuit in a heartbeat when my mind simply won’t put an outfit together for me. I’m sure some of you are thinking I’m crazy for suggesting something as summer focused as a maxi dress but there are actually maxis all of the internet with long sleeves to make them more winter appropriate. Solid colors are deemed more professional but when you’re just looking for something comfortable and cute to wear all day, different patterns and colors are always out there. You can wear one pieces when trying to be casual as well as play it up and bring it to life!

The last and final must-have that I felt should be in our closets was a wide belt. They’re a life saver on the most chaotic of days. Wide belts are capable of creating beautiful silhouettes on the curviest of cuties; it never disappoints. A wide belt wrapped around a loose fitting button up is my personal preference but however you decide to bring it to life is up to you!

What are some must-haves in your closets that you know you couldn’t live without? Share your secrets, curvies! I hope this quick list helps you all on your more hectic of days. No matter what you decide on, just remember to remain confident!

Sincerely, K. Renae