Do These Pants Make My Butt Look Big?


Learning to Be Confident and Set Your Own Standards

I used to measure my body appearance by 2s: too big, too small, too giggly, too rough…well, you get the idea. Even though I was an attractive woman (and still am), I became skillful at labeling my smallest imperfections as flaws. The truth is picking myself apart was a learned behavior that I was determined to unlearn. What about you? Are you satisfied and confident in your appearance, or are you skillful at labeling flaws? Congratulations to those who do not struggle with confidence and body image. We salute you. Now, to the rest of you: I encourage you to condition yourself to have a sincere positive reaction (without exception) every time you look in the mirror. I want you to see every curve, lump, bump and mark as an indicator of uniqueness and not as a flaw. Here are a few tips to get you started.


You have the power to define your beauty, and the only body standards that matter are the ones you define for yourself, period. Take some time to write out personal standards for your health, nutrition, grooming and style, and then measure where you are based on your standards.  Now plan, embrace and accept. Make plans for what YOU want to change. Embrace what you UNABLE to change and accept what you are UNWILLING to change (and your reasons for being unwilling). Planning, accepting and embracing will greatly increase your confidence.

Take the challenge

Most women dislike some part of their body. The difference is some women label those dislikes as curses while other women regard the dislikes a formidable opponent. Which are you? Do your physical imperfections motivate you to change? I challenge you to be up for the challenge and do the necessary work to fix what you do not like. Do not post about, don’t tweet or talk about it, just do the work.


What are your most attractive parts based on your personal standards? Is it your legs, shoulders, smile, eyes or cleavage? Do you have flawless skin, thick hair or gorgeous lips? Make a conscience choice to highlight your beauty and the body parts that make you proud. Build your confidence by focusing on your positive qualities.

I am determined to be confident when I look in the mirror, and I will do so by embracing the best parts of me. I’m not going to compare or complain. I’m not going to pick myself apart. I am fearfully and wonderfully made, and so are you. I challenge you to adopt a similar determination to like what you see every time you look in the mirror. Embrace, accept and be confident!