10 Hopeful Women on Twitter

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You know these women, perhaps not personally but you know them in spirit. They are women who bring us hope with their words or a link they share on Twitter. There are many women who do that, but we at HOPE have identified the ones who inspire us to know better, do better and be better. They don’t all have a lot of followers or have recognizable names but they all remind us to maintain hope in all things. Dr. Moe Anderson@drmoeanderson

Dr. Moe is a dentist, author and businesswoman suffers from GIST (gastrointestinal stromal tumor), a rare form of cancer that can leave her wracked in pain but hardly debilitated. There is so much hope to be found in a woman who moves past her pain to bring others inspiration.

Karyn Brianne@thefabgiver

Karyn is a communication professional and founder of The Red Pump Project, a philanthropy that raises awareness of the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Her tweets uplift and affirm hope and a woman’s special value.

Patricia Raybon @patriciaraybon

Acclaimed and award-winning Christian author Patricia Raybon is a hope-bringer. She is a gentle soul who inspires change that begins within.

Eugeena Patterson @mseugeena

Eugeena is a hoot but she is a fictional hoot that inspires and dispenses diabetes information. She is the protagonist of the Eugeena Patterson Mystery series by acclaimed author Tyora Moody.

Dr. Janet Taylor@drjanet

This health media expert can be found on TV and online, but her tweets affirm us as stewards over our bodies.

Gayle King@GayleKing She is our best friend too, if only in our heads. Gayle King tweets the hope we need to feel normal and alive. Have you ever read her tweets about her favorite TV programs? You should.

Mother Love@motherloveshow

Author, comedienne, and talk show host Mother Love is fun to follow. You can see who will be on her top-rated radio show as a guest and catch a glimmer of that huge personality that radiates love.

B. Smith@BSmithstyle After her admission to having Alzheimer’s disease, we’ve become more and more endeared to this style maven. Her Twitter timeline renders hope through difficulty and challenge.

Beverly Bond@beverlybond

Her Twitter timeline both fascinates and inspires. Her A-list of friends astounds and renders hope to us black girls who need to know how wonderful we are, and because of her we now proclaim #blackgirlsrock with pride.

Sheila E.@sheilaedrummer

She’s just awesome. That spirit is big and hopeful as evidenced in her tweets. Did you know she is an arts and music advocate and uses her influence to offer hope to women, girls and boys who have suffered the trauma of sexual abuse?

If you have a Twitter account, then you follow at least one woman who tweets out the most inspiring, thought-provoking 140-character words. We have provided our list, follow our hopeful women, and please share yours in the comment section or tweet us @hopemag and we will share our love with a re-tweet and follow. Just don’t forget to follow us back.