Five Rituals for the Promise of a Better Day


You know those days where you are in beast mode from start to finish? You get your workout in, knock out your entire to-do list, take some time for yourself, and still get home early enough to play with your kids and cook a healthy, tasty meal? Those days feel incredible! But most of us don’t experience that every day. Here are five rituals that you can incorporate into your routine (or lack thereof) to ensure your best day ever, every day! 1) Plan Your Day the Night Before. You may be tired after dinner, but taking 10-15 minutes to map out your plan of attack for the next day will have you ready to rock! Organize your appointments and create your list of errands and chores. You’ll get to sleep as the blueprint you drafted starts to work in your favor. No more morning fumbles with distractions! You already have your game plan. You’ll wake up feeling more organized because you’re prepared and you know where to begin. Get ‘er done!

2) Meditate. Take at least 5-15 minutes for yourself in total peace and quiet before you start to hustle. After you rise, set an alarm for as much time as you can spare and just be. Lay in your cozy bed and daydream or ruminate on your day ahead. Of course, if you can completely quiet your mind, that is optimal. But, baby steps. At least take the time for yourself to set the tone for your day before family, work and other responsibilities start to demand your attention. Uninterrupted you time is essential. You do you!

3) Make Your Bed. Momma always told you this, and she was right! There is something so satisfying about making up your bed first thing in the morning. This ritual lets you know that rest time is over and it is time to get moving! It’s also nice to walk into a bedroom that looks crisp after you have gotten your coffee or tea. Don’t procrastinate on this chore. If you don’t make your bed up all nice and pristine, by all means—start in 2016!

4) Work Out. Whether this is Thai chi, yoga, weight training, cardio or a brisk walk, just get moving! When we tackle our workouts in the A.M., it lends itself to us staying in beast mode all day. We give our brains and body a boost by releasing endorphins and jump-starting our metabolism. Getting it done earlier also relieves procrastination. If you brush it off, promising yourself that you will do it later, most likely you won’t. Most of us are drained after work and just want to get to home relax. Consistent morning workouts also help curb that mid-afternoon sleepiness. Stay snazzy with sunrise workouts and you’ll be more energized all day long!

5) Fuel Your Body. You have heard it your whole life and it’s true! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It sets you up for making choices the rest of the day. If you reach for that donut, you get no nutritional value and it will only make you hungrier. Most likely if you make a smart choice for breakfast, you will continue that practice throughout the day. Make sure you are getting protein, complex carbs, and antioxidants. Eating right will give you energy and keep you full for a longer period of time. You can’t go wrong with whole grains, eggs, veggies and fruit. They do a body good!