Mindful Mealtimes: How to slow down and savor your meals


Meals are meant to be savored and enjoyed. It is a sacred time when we are nourishing our bodies so that we can keep our system functioning properly. What we put in equals what we get out, so it’s time to do a better job of planning our meals, taking the proper time for them, and being mindful when we munch. Here are 3 guidelines for fueling yourself better.

Have a Plan

It doesn’t need to be a rigid plan, as life happens and things come up, but you will be better off taking some time to create a plan of attack for your day. The night before, prep your smoothie, make your lunch, or know that you will grab something healthy from little café around the corner from your office. Having a loose plan at the very least can prevent you from functioning on autopilot and not making the best food decisions.

Time Crunch

No rushing! Make certain you have at least 30 minutes to enjoy your meals. The only thing that should be eaten on the go is a smoothie. Downing a breakfast or lunch in 10 minutes flat is nothing to brag about. You need to allow yourself enough time so that your brain can signal your stomach that you are satisfied. That takes at least 20 minutes, and the other 10 are for you to eat slowly and truly savor the flavor of your delicious and healthy meal.

The Waiting Game

No waiting allowed! Keeping ourselves on somewhat of a food schedule is critical to our well-being. It keeps our bodily system functioning at its highest level. Skipping meals or waiting too long to eat will leave you ravenous and you will surely grab the next convenient fatty or sugary item that you cross paths with. Time out your mealtimes according to your schedule and stick to your plan.