Four Summer Drink Must-Haves


It’s time to shake up the traditional summer drinks like iced tea and lemonade by adding a few more refreshers to the line-up.

It can be really easy to make healthy infused iced water recipes, but wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could so with a pitcher that was stain and odor proof? Try this one sold at Teavana stores online and nationwide. The large Berry Infusion Tea Pitcher is BPA-free, has an airtight lid and holds 66 ounces of tea – hot or cold. For less than $30 you have a product that is dishwasher safe and resistant to time and wear. Moreover, you can experiment with tea flavors infused with fruit and veggies or plain water.

Online store Bambeco carries Bierfilzl – Coasters made of wool. The functional nature of wool coasters is that they quickly soak up water or liquids formed on a glass to protect your table and they can fit over the top of your drink to protect it from bugs and anything flying in the air when drinking outdoors. Sign up for Bambeco’s newsletter and receive 15% off of your $19 purchase of four felt coasters.

Want a wine or drink tumbler that will not break easily or crack at the stem? Try these Jewel Toned U Tumblers at Wine Enthusiast. You’re not limited to serving wine in these mouth-blown, lead-free glasses in jewel colors: emerald, ruby, sapphire and amethyst. They are beautiful and festive but also incredibly functional.

Use this Oggi cocktail shaker to make a shaken iced tea or lemonade that froths. Who said martinis are the only things made with these things? Be creative and make an infused water with chipped ice in one of these very affordable shakers.

The beauty of these four products is that they take the traditional or ordinary and allow you to turn it into something more exciting. And you can use them all year round.