“Get Me Out of This Box”


Learning to live out loud

"Get me out of this box!" There was a time in my life when I wanted to shout this from a mountaintop because I had allowed myself to be boxed in by the demands of life. Some demands required me to mute my voice while others requested that I dull my brilliance. I can't honestly identify why I allowed it to happen, but the day I finally broke the box was an amazingly freeing learning experience. I learned that while I don't always have the ability to control what happens in my life, I can absolutely control how I respond. God has given me that measure of control and has empowered me to live out loud. 

Living out loud simply means to approach each situation prepared to be you – the amazing real you. You are willing to speak your mind with respect and boldly share your expertise. It means freely laughing when you want to laugh, crying without the fear of judgment and saying no without guilt. Living out loud gives you permission to walk away from toxicity and power to implement the structure you need. Living out loud means loving who you are in this season, while boldly pursuing personal growth. It's simply living free! 

Learning to live out loud, especially if you've been in a box, will take time and effort but you can do it. Start by being B.A.D.D.

Be Brilliant- Brilliance has two connotations and both apply to you. A brilliant diamond is stunning, attractive and eye-catching, and I'm challenging you to be that. Always look your best. Discover a look that works for you and work it. Brilliance also refers to great intellect. Do what it takes to be the smart girl. Study, go to classes/seminars/conferences, read books, just do what you can to be at the top of your game. Be brilliant. 

Be Authentic - Authenticity is an amazing trait that takes effort to develop. We are bombarded with a daily overdose of information, some of which is designed to mold how we think about ourselves and the world around us. Take the time to wisely develop your own opinions and find your truthful voice. Be authentic. 

Be Decisive - Decisiveness is the ability to make a choice. Women who are decisive and communicative about their choices are less likely to feel misunderstood. Women who are decisive tend to be more confident, even if they chose wrong. Being decisive is not about always being right, but it's about having the courage to choose. Be decisive. 

Be Divinely inspired - Divine inspiration means different things to different people. For me it means being lead by the spirit and voice of God. No matter what definition applies to your life, I urge you to develop a lifestyle of being lead by something bigger than you. Allow your meaning for life, your purpose and your passion to expand beyond who you are right now. Be divinely inspired. 

Why do this? Why live out loud? Why be brilliant, authentic, decisive and divinely inspired? The first reason is because you're worth it and, secondly, because your life has an audience. Live in such a way that you give great daily lessons. Be B.A.D.D.

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