12 Simple Tips & Solutions


One of the most desired experiences, being a woman, is to go on vacation and stay in a luxury hotel. I have travel to foreign countries and stayed in 2~Star hotels to 5~Star hotels and had impressive experiences during my stay. Luxury hotels seem to have what we need at our finger tips. We are moms, sisters, co-workers, aunties, students, mentors, etc, and we deserve to feel luxurious in our homes as well.

Let me guide you into a “Luxury Experience” of “living on vacation”. This décor adventure begins with the spaces in your home being in divine order without clutter or disarray.

So, enjoy these tips:

Entry Way

This space can give you and your guest the feeling of entering a luxurious space. Add a fancy Bombay or table with lamps and fresh flowers or a nice large vase of silk flowers. Place a long runner rug that extends to the rest of the home. Make sure a mirror or piece of art adorn the wall. A nice coat rack or umbrella stand is awesome as an addition.

Gathering Space

We love to gather with family and friends. Add posh down filled pillows, fluffy throws and luxurious white candles to the décor. Add thick accents rugs near the sofa and accent chairs. Feeling cozy is the luxurious feel.


This is so simple to decorate…Less is best and add fresh flowers weekly. Add a small coffee bar or even a wine bar that is at your fingertips when needed. Keep fresh fruits in a fancy ceramic bowl for quick bits. Keep a nice array of fresh baked pastries and breads for breakfast, served in a basket lined with a linen napkin.


Add lavish items to your bedroom. Make your bed the center of attraction with Egyptian cotton sheets (buy the highest thread count that you can afford), and a Down comforter with pillows to support your sleep needs. Add a quilt or blanket to add a layered look. White sheets are a must to complete the hotel look! You will notice by adding well-designed matching bedding, pillows and curtains sharpen the appeal. A sitting chair area with a side table adds to the luxury of the space, along with your bedside tables and lamps.


This space is my favorite space to decorate and add the luxury feel. In this space you lay out the guest towel set with a bar of French soap on top. Add a basket of cozy socks, magazines snacks and chocolate on the night table with a glass & water pitcher or sparkling water. You can also splurge and add white bath robes made of supreme-quality cotton. You can create a change by staying in your own guest room!


Adding luxury to this space can be fun. Add white fluffy towels, French soaps and lotion and body sprays in a tray on the counter for decoration and/or use. Place thick-pile accents rugs near mirror and bath/shower areas. Add a luxury candle to add a beautiful scent and cozy glare off the mirror.


We all need to have a meditating and stretching space in our home to unwind. Choose a corner in your home where it is quiet. Light a candle, put a comfortable floor pillow on a soft mat add soft music and relax.

Quick Tips for Divine Order

Use baskets to hide the clutter

Use shelves to display collections

Set sitting areas up in groupings to allow for conversation

Zen, Jazz, Soft Music Played low through the home

Use dimmers on your lights to create the ambiance

Don’t forget to hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door

Luxury means many different things to different people. Your luxury can be what you desire for your home. For more information contact Maurita at simplymaurita@gmail.com.