Accessories that are Necessaries


I use my interior accessories as necessities in my home. I use them first as show pieces, then as useful items on different occasions. My intention is to create spaces to feel homey, comfortable and family orientated. When my family is home, I want them be relaxed when they want to be and energetic when working on projects or doing tasks. I want my guest to feel welcomed and comfortable.


When my family and guests gather in my family room, I get to really show my warm cozy side with fluffy colorful pillows and large fluffy throws that are placed perfectly on my sofa and chairs. The extras throws are placed in medium or large size baskets. These ensembles become decorative item in a corner or under a table. Baskets are also great holders for extra socks for your guests at your front door when they remove their shoes.


Oh, my kitchen! I simply adore this space. I make my magic by cooking different food items to serve those I love. I use my fancy collected ceramics bowls and vases during different seasons for entertaining pieces to serve food and drinks. I also place them in my large cabinets as show pieces, so when the doors are opened its appearance is organized. I place my coffee mugs handles going the same way to show order. I also place my plastic ware and glassware on separate shelves.


The bathroom, regardless of its size, can determine what you can use your accessories for your necessities. I found, during one of my shopping moments, a black iron towel holder. I hung it behind the toilet in my powder room and I put my rolls of toilet paper on it. It is so cute. What makes it work is the sign I hung above it that says: “May your life be like toilet paper…long and useful.”  What has been a plus for my master bathroom is the use of our bench. Its multi-purpose is to lay our clothing on it or just sit to keep each other’s company sharing small talk and serious discussions about life during my make-up and his shaving moments.


Because our bedrooms are our quiet, intimate places to rest, meditate and sleep, interior design accessories can also be used for comfort. I love to add a tray of goodies for night time snacks. I keep a 3 piece set water container for a sip of water when needed. I love putting extra pillows on the bed to use while reading or studying. The use of different size lamps also add to the décor of items that illuminate your space. The bedroom is a perfect place for side lamps, floor lamps, and an oversized lamp between two small chair sitting areas in the bedroom. 

When choosing your interior accessories for your necessities, make sure they fit your family’s need. These ideas will help you along the way with your choices. Email me for more details and venues to help you shop at stores or online to achieve these elements of design.     Maurita Sutton Brown | Designs By M