Collecting to Showcase Your Décor


Collectables are great decorative and conversation pieces for any space.

Happy summer! As a designer, I love to collect items and display them in my décor as accent pieces for the space. I collect white pottery from different states and countries that I have visited over the past 20 years. I place them in different nooks and crannies in our home. I also adore glass in any form. I collect clear glass items and use them during my intimate gatherings in our home. The ultimate collectable décor show pieces in our home are the glass jars filled with shells from the beaches around South Florida. I display them in our bathrooms and other rooms for that coastal feel. So, if you are just starting to collect, it can be an amazing venture. You can also use what you have, or go shopping at your local flea markets or Target. Invite your children to join in on the fun and let them add their personal touch to their rooms. This can be a lot of fun for the family to add their own personal touches and personality to your home décor.

Here are a few ways to jumpstart your collecting

Collecting is not the time to clutter your space. It’s a time to display your great finds or already beautiful treasures you have tucked away. These tips will start you on your way!


Creating a color scheme of your personal choice allows you to collect by color and display the items wherever you choose. If you love candelabras, with or without the candles, this is a great way to display different colors and different heights to accent any table or side stand.


When choosing your personal style, use the rustic, contemporary, romantic, plain, vintage or French. Defining your style allows you to seek great finds to express you and your décor. Choosing a style allows you to make better decisions on the items you adore at purchase time.


Grouping your items with similar themes such as cups, glassware, candles, vintage items, plates, seashells, etc. will give them greater importance. Artwork and painted word wall hangings are popular to collect and display. Vintage medicine brown glass jars will draw attention to the spaces. Family photoshoots mixed with wall hangings are also popular as a collection.


A variety of heights adds visual interest. The use of different tinted glassware is a great idea for collecting. I love to use items in odd numbers and heights to astound emotions through the eyes.


When using various-shaped items such as water pitchers, metal objects, wooden crosses, etc., use them as accent pieces with another collection or stand them with like-shaped objects. Shaped décor does take up more space, however.

Vintage Items

These are those items that have been passed down to you or a family member and are tucked away. Display them in a case or alone on a tray as décor. Vintage pieces that remind you of something or someone special will create a timeless conversation with your guests and/or other family members. China tea cups are beautiful. I love to collect tea pots and tea cups. Displaying these items are very special to me.

So when gathering your collectables, consider your hobbies and interests. Old postcards, golf memorabilia, wooden toys, or leather-bound books can be a great start!

No matter what you collect, you can find a way to use it. Happy collecting!