Cozy and Intimate Spaces!


Layers, Warmth & Reflection

Wintertime often provokes nostalgic feelings for warm comforting meals, annual festivals and family and friends gathering. You can bring back those feeling in your home décor design decisions.


We layer our ourselves with sweaters, hats and coats so why not layer our home? Give your favorite seating areas and beds a quick style update by adding textured bedding, throws and pillows. Luxurious throws and soft, colorful bed pillows are soft accessories that add a cozy and relaxing feeling. You can fold your throw and place it over your chair or sofa, throw it on your bed underneath a pile of throw pillows or roll it up and place it in a basket to keep them handy. For your dining area, simple slipcovers can be added to have your friends and family feel extra special for the gatherings (they can easily be removed for a quick cleaning and ready for the next get-together). When you swap accessories out seasonally, you add to your home décor style and show off your personal decorating skills.


In cold weather a space with rugs, wood finish accents and drapery can give a warming effect while acting as a natural insulator. Many homes have cool flooring such as ceramic tiles and wooden floors. Rugs in any size add warmth and pull a space together. Rugs also offer a warm underfoot on wintry days. Swap out side-tables and wall hangings with a wooden rustic feel allowing the outdoors to be indoors. Block out chilly winter drafts by layering your window treatments. Drapery can be a common practice to swap out as well with the seasons. When choosing your drapery, remember they can be hung in your living room space, over your kitchen sink, behind your bed across the entire wall and even in your hallway that has a window.


Since the days are shorter in winter, maximizing ways to add light in spaces is a must. Hanging a large mirror on a blank wall in any space, above a fireplace mantel or a side table will reflect light. Bold colored framed mirrors can become a decorative displays or you can paint an existing frame as a quick DIY weekend décor project. Also mirrored surfaces such as side tables, candle holders and picture frames can add a lot of reflection to your space. Another way to cast shine around your home is by combining accents with metallic surfaces like accent bowls, vases and lamps. Gold is the “in” color for this winter.

A candle’s flicker can cause reflection as it burns. Candles with wooden wicks give off a cracking wood burning sound similar to that of a wood burning fireplace. You can choose a scent to create a memory that will be talked about every year. This is a great way to also create warmth, layers and reflection!

Although decor and accessories can go a long way toward cozying up your home, make sure you choose a theme of colors and patterns that shows off your personality. These techniques can support you to style your home as a cozy, intimate space.