Fall Trends To Add To Your Home Décor


Though the summer sun is still shining bright, we are edging closer to fall, which is my favorite season of the year. During the fall you can harvest some fall décor that will set your spaces up for Thanksgiving Day and your everyday enjoyment. Changing your décor using your personal style during the seasons can keep you on your toes with the latest trends and styles. There is nothing like changing your décor furnishings and accessories to have your space feel fresh and new. Here are some tips and ideas that can be used to highlight the fall season in your home.

Harden the Space      

Metallic metals are so amazing to me, and I’m obsessed with them! These accessories can be in the form of a vase, planter or tabletop/floor lanterns. These items can range from cooper, gold, silver, rose-gold or dark bronze. You can place any of these items where needed to boost the space.

  • Fall utilizes darker color palettes include oranges, greens, dark tans and navy blue. These outdoorsy shades of decorative pieces come in many dimensions and can be added to your existing scheme.
  • Choosing the right furnishings is important when adding to the space. Small cubed poufs for seating, baskets for holding throws and/or extra pillows and side tables made of dark wood add to the outdoor indoor look.
  • Area rugs add a foundation to the space to anchor your furniture. Deep colored rugs for fall will bring attention to the beauty of your fall arraignment as you and others enter your space.

Soften the Space

  • The use of different fall fabric colors and textures can warm up your room. You can change your window coverings with tie-backs, tassels or fringes. I love to change out my dining seat cushions to match my table-scape.
  • Knickknacks add so much character to a space. Leaves, ceramic novelties and figurines can create your fall theme as well. I love to add quotes written on wood or metal to my side tables or as wall hangings.  
  • The windy cozy atmosphere can be warmed by using soft fabrics such as flannel and twilled cotton throws to set the tone.
  • One of my favorite décor items is the pillow. For the fall, I love to use suede and leather pillows to accent sofas, love seats and side chairs which adds that cozy charm.
  • I adore a well-designed table. A center piece can be placed in the center of the table with fresh flowers or silk flowers. A large cylinder glass container can show off different colored leaves from your yard or already bagged fall leaves from your local craft store can also do the job.          

As you plan your décor with these ideas, visit local craft and hobby stores to see what they have to offer. Being eclectic allows you to get items to add to what you already have and accents areas of your space for the fall season.