Fill Your Home with LOVE

Love is what makes your house a home. Love is what cements a family together.           

A home filled with love is the best place to be.

It’s common to think of the physical aspect of putting your house together—the paint, the furniture, the appliances and window coverings and the wall coverings. All of these things are very important in creating your home, a home that is comfortable and beautiful for your lifestyle. I know you want a home that reflects your unique sense of style and serves as an oasis from the outside world. So these elements should be given careful thought and consideration.

Another important aspect of creating a home is the spiritual aspect. This is where you need to put on a special pair of glasses to see and create those elements that are not necessarily “seen” in the physical sense, but are demonstrated by those who live in your home.

For example, a family may live in a million-dollar mansion, which is expertly designed and decorated with every possible amenity. However, if the members of that house are constantly arguing and hurling hateful insults at each other, tearing each other down, only out to please themselves, then what good comes from them living in a big beautiful house?

On the other hand, a family may live in a tiny, two-room efficient apartment where they don’t have enough room to turn around without bumping into something; however, the members of that home constantly help and encourage each other, speaking love-filled words and looking for ways to bring joy and laughter to each other. Then, does it matter to them that they live in a tiny apartment with no luxuries?

Which family do you think is happier?           

It doesn’t really matter if the home is large or small, expensive or a cheap rental, in a desired neighborhood or not. Without love, that home is just walls, floors and a roof.

Here are 4 Simple Ways You Can Fill Your Home With L O V E:

L – Listen - Make a conscious effort to hear.        

Listen. Listen to your spouse and your children. Listen with your ears, your eyes and your heart. Everyone wants to know that someone cares about what is going on in their life. So stop what you are doing and listen.

OObserve - Celebrate, notice and pay special attention.      

Observe the members of your family. What are their gifts and talents? Pay special attention to those traits and they will blossom right before your very eyes. Celebrate each other’s successes. Be sensitive when someone needs a bit of encouragement or a helping hand, and then give it to them.

VValue - Honor, esteem, prize and appreciate.          

Value each other by showing honor and respect toward one another. Look for ways to show your appreciation of one another, using words that are encouraging and uplifting. Treat them the way you want them to treat you.

EEliminate - Remove, get rid of and omit.          

Eliminate all thoughts, words and behaviors that do not promote love in your family. Eliminate unkind words, yelling, selfishness and criticism. Instead, use kind words, laughter, thoughtfulness, consideration and encouragement.

Anyone can fill their home with love! It’s not a difficult task, but rather one that takes determination, intention and patience. In the end, the reward is peace, joy, happiness and hope!

Fill your home with heaps of love!