How to Create that Dream Home Office


Your home office serves various purposes, from maintaining your home-based business to studying for your degree, or simply serving as your personal creative space. If you follow these tips, your workspace will be comfortable and conducive to productivity. Let’s create your Dream Home Office!

Planning is key to success!

  • Choose the ideal space in the home. (Ex: bedroom corner, family room, corner nook in garage or hallway, guest room, etc.)
  • Make a list of what you need to file your work, store your supplies, manage your receipts for your business and maintain job-related usage of your home office.
  • Choose the color scheme for your office.
  • Window shop or search the Internet for places like Ikea, Target and Ross to purchase items.
  • Choose the size of your furniture according to the dimensions of the space where it will be placed. Look for space savers. (Ex: open book cases, wall shelving, colorful carts, designed stackable boxes or lightweight file cabinets)
  • Organize your desk with a matching Office Set. (Ex: office supplies, folder holder, clear desk protector, calendar, etc.)

Now it’s time for my favorite part: adding your personality! Don’t be shy; be bold and let your office speak volumes!

  • Add silk in a fancy vase or fresh floral weekly to add a live visual to the space.
  • A small library with colorful books or a bold accent wall can be used as visual décor.
  • Add wall hangings (Ex: posters, clocks, mirrors) and, if your space has a window, curtains that speak your lifestyle and desires.
  • Brand your space with your logo, favorite icon, quotes, or pictures of loved ones.
  • Get a plush glam chair or a regular office chair with a plush pillow.
  • A nice, fluffy accent rug or a clear plastic floor mat with a design (if you’re a chair roller) will add character to your space.
  • The lamp of your dreams will add ambience to your space. Corner mini chandeliers are popular.)
  • Add in a candle to help set the tone and mood of your home office space.
  • Let’s not forget your favorite music! (Pandora, iheart Radio or Spotify) Music can boost your motivation and enhance your outlook.

Now you have the info to plan and create that home office you always dreamed of!