If Walls Could Talk


My clients’ walls are one of the main décor projects I love to focus on in their space and then move to the floors and ceilings. I adore the challenge of designing spaces to come together to promote my clients’ personalities.

You, too, can decorate your walls so they express your personality. The new year is a great time to enhance what you have or shop for a new design. You can create a decorative wall that will have your family and friends in awe of your creativity. Whether you are elegant with a bling touch, rustic or refined, your walls can be admirable and functional.

Check out the categories below for some ideas to get you started – and keep you from getting overwhelmed. And don’t forget to involve your family. They can get help design their personal walls in their rooms.


  • Paint (stripes, blocks or glitter for glam)
  • Wallpaper (plain to textured)
  • Rustic reclaimed wood planks

COLLECTION/COLLAGES: Expresses Personal Attachments

  • Mirrors (different sizes and shapes)
  • Wooden crosses
  • Plates
  • Baskets and hats
  • Family photos framed
  • Open frames all different colors and sizes

ACCESSORIES: Expresses Your Personal Treasures

  • Shelves with candles and floral arrangements on them
  • Tapestry from travels
  • Elegant ornaments sconces
  • Artwork (ancient or current)
  • Inspirational quotes/one word inspirational
  • Maps (floor to ceiling)
  • Metal artwork
  • Fabric/upholstery shapes applied to wall

FUNCTIONAL: Expresses Your Need to Be Organized

  • Wall-to-wall bookshelf
  • Lights up the wall with outdoor string lights
  • Corkboard or chalkboard
  • A leaning oversized mirror
  • Hooks on wooden planks

Your wall ideas are an expression of your personality and you don’t have to hang them in a certain form or fashion. Each wall can express your colorful personality, charm and energy. You can ask yourself this question for each wall you choose to decorate: “What will make this wall more exciting?” You do not have to spend a lot of money to have your walls look as if you spent a lot. You can go to discount stores or grab a friend and go to a flea market. Choose and organize them however you want them to hang or lean. The best part of the wall project is you can do it how you feel and allow your kids to be a part of their spaces.

Wall décor projects express our personality; let the creativity in you and your family shine. If walls could talk, let’s give them something to say!

Image by:http://www.nfinteriordesign.com