Love throughout the Home

heart cookies
heart cookies

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite holidays, because it gives us a special day to celebrate our love using the language of love. We often know how we want to receive love, but here are a few ideas as to how you can express love with your décor arrangement. Everyone who enters your home is included: your family, your friends and your guests.

These suggestions are simple and easy for you to create and arrange around your home on tables or shelves and some can be hung on walls and doors.

Décor Hangings

  • Style a wreath for your front door in the shape of a heart made of red and white silk flowers, bundled twigs, grapevines or willow branches with ribbon.
  • Put up a small Christmas tree and hang red, white and pink items on it.
  • Hang framed wooden wall art that express LOVE with quotes.


  • Find ways to incorporate hearts into your place settings.
  • Use table setting items, like glassware, plastic-ware, plates and coffee mugs that stand out and feature red and pink.
  • Use candles for ambience and warmth during the day and evening.
  • If you have kept Valentines cards from previous years, place them around your home.

Add Appreciation

  • Fresh flowers in a beautiful vase are always festive.
  • Place small jars and dishes of candy and chocolate around the entire week leading up to the holiday
  • Leave small love gifts for your loved ones in their bedrooms, the kitchen and at the front door.
  • Write short and sweet love messages to each family member and guests at your gathering.

Throw in Coziness

  • Add comfy throws or fluffy red or pink theme pillows, which will give any room a cozier Valentine’s Day ambiance.
  • In wet areas of the home place red, white and pink themed towels, heart-shaped floor mats or heart-filled red and pink dish towels.
  • For a more modern look, simply use red and white in all areas of décor.

Quick and Simple Foods

  • Dish up some pink ice cream with a juicy strawberry on top in a glass bowl or sundae dish.
  • Bake cookies in nice pastel colors with glitter and print love words on them.
  • Place red, pink and white M & M’s in a large bowl for grabs.
  • Serve white pretzels or marshmallows in a large glass bowl with a big red bow around it.
  • Bake a heart shaped cake or cupcakes.

There are so many easy ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day. For the month of February, your home can be the essence of love. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to create more love in your home for family, friends and guests. We all need to be cherished, and too often we forget to tell the people we love just how precious they are to us. So, pour yourself a glass of champagne and spread the love around your home with some Valentine’s Day decor!