Make your residence a home


When seeking out a new place for your everyday living for yourself or for your family, you want to look for a home that will be a reflection of you and functional to live in. Your personality and style can be added in all spaces of your home. When looking for a new home, be sure to check out de-cluttered space such as model homes, furniture and parade of homes throughout your city. By doing this you can imagine your own designs ideas in the spaces.

As an interior designer and life coach, I know firsthand that your body desires comfort and space and your mind has thoughts of functionality and style. I have truly enjoyed having these two professions at my fingertips to give you a few sound tips on purchasing your home. 

Remember, you are purchasing your home as a dwelling place, not just a roof over your head or as a starter home. How you view your home is how you live and function inside and outside of it. If it is your first home and you plan to move someday, treat it as your first home, and treat it as it really is your first home! Often I hear, “Oh it’s our first home, so we will just buy stuff here and there and wait for our dream home and then decorate it to live in.” That is not right. Where you dwell and function daily represents who you are. You can design and decorate in a minimal state or a grand state, according to your finances. Look at your new home as a representation of you.

Here are a few tips to purchasing your home.

·      Plan out your day to view model homes and neighborhoods (alone, with a spouse, a best friend or a realtor).

·      Drive around on a Saturday or Sunday and visit open houses and models in the area you wish to live in.

·      Pay attention to your feelings when you first walk into a home, and try to put a word to it. Is it positive or negative? If it’s positive, why? Try to pinpoint exactly what about the space makes you feel good or bad.

·      Always take a journal to write down your sightings of the day. Although most models and open houses have beautiful items in them, use the time to create your personal style. It could be the color scheme of the family room, the warm colors in the art hanging on the walls, the softness of the rugs and the hardness of the hardwood floor or the glass containers in the master bathroom. Do the same with any negative feelings that may come up.

·      Kitchens and Bathrooms sell houses. This is a universal truth. Look for natural light in the kitchen and family room; it brings the outdoors indoors.

·      Take paint swatches with you on your new home viewing process; color schemes can intrigue your imagination on what you may want inside of a room. Colors are powerful and soothing but can also be anxiety provoking. Creating the perfect home means finding the right balance between a custom feel and an inviting feel to your guests.

·      Give your home its special thing. Maybe a bright front door or interesting mail box or even a large beautiful front yard tree can add your personality to your home.

·      Make sure you can decide on luxury finishes such as high-end granite kitchen tops, real hardwood floors, top-of-the-line appliances or expensive real stone tile; get an interior designer to help you sort out some great choices.

Happy home shopping!