No Fear Here


I remember when it really hit me that I was a single parent to my two daughters. It was 2:10 p.m. January 4, 1996. Fear took over me within a few minutes. I started to doubt myself and wonder if I would be able to complete my classes in interior design at the university and start my own design company. I was two years into my four-year Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts. The days began to feel longer and my dreams of owning my company seemed distant. In that instant, fear became an unpleasant emotion that had me thinking that I could not reach my intended goals.  I began to grasp the fact that I needed to recommit myself. I also realized that I needed to be empowered by other women who had been plagued with fears in their life and yet they still made their dreams a reality. So, on my journey to move forward I surrounded myself with strong minded women and followed the tips below to overcome my fears and move forward with my business, my health and my girls.

When we are on the verge of making changes in our life, fear can show up. We begin to ask ourselves: “Am I really doing the right thing?” “Will I miss my old life?”  “How will my family and friends react? “Will I be overwhelmed by my new situation and decide I’m not ready for new challenges?” “What if I fail? Or, what if I succeed?”

Moving Forward when Fear Creeps In:

  1. Embrace fear because it will come to you.

Feel fear and breathe through it. During your prayer time meditate on peaceful and joyful moments. When we do things that frighten us, our actions of moving forward build courage. Tell yourself, “This moment of fear will pass”.

  1. Create positive thoughts.

Positive thoughts will attract positive actions leading the fear away from your mind. They attract success towards your future. I choose to think of the outcome of my new options and choices to be amazing and life fulfilling. Instead of thinking of the worst in your life, train your mind to expect the best of all God has to offer to you.

  1. Do not give your time, attention, or energy to fear!

Start with focusing on solutions; hold yourself accountable to all of your actions. Consistency, being prepared and dependable to others is keys to staying in your lane. Be assertive, take initiative, be innovative and go the extra mile to know you are capable and will succeed.

  1. Live with knowing God wants you to live in abundance not scarcity.

Learn to think, speak, and live your life in abundance.  Mediate alone, turn off the radio and  TV, journal your dreams, and do the work to stay in action so when fear comes up, you can keep flowing in your positive mode.

  1. Plan out your life to be great!

Write your dreams down and use your inner power to plan it all out. I choose to plan events and keep my dreams flowing to come true. Never doubt your success. Your dreams are at stake! You have the power within you to break all obstacles that stand in the way of your happiness, your dreams and even YOUSELF! Do not forget to celebrate yourself in your plan.

  1. Create a good group of women to support you.

Share life with other women. Share life’s accomplishments, share your dreams and enter desires to serve each other. We all need each other to survive. Attend women conferences to gain knowledge and share yours. We all have something to add to the world.

Overcoming fear is possible. I hope these top six solutions can help you overcome fear. For more on this article email Maurita at