Spreading Love from Your Home


One of my favorite holidays is Valentine’s Day. When I was younger I looked forward to gifts from my boyfriend. You know—the stuffed animals, roses and chocolate. Wow, my anticipation has changed now that I am a mom and wife. Now, I choose to love and share with the people around me. I want to have a relationship with people outside of my home and family. This season, I will give you ideas to love those around you from your home. I will start with my neighbors. I know and speak to the people that live on both sides of me and my neighbors across the street. I often wave and keep on my merry way, but this year I will give my love from my home.

The woman across the street lives alone; if you know of a single neighbor, here are some gifts you can give to them.

  • Go to your local craft store and design a stamped handmade card
  • Pick-Up a Grocery Store Gift Card and Place it in a Bouquet of flowers
  • Start up a conversation and invite them over for tea or coffee on your patio

That nice person at the grocery store that helps you and speaks to you every time you shop:

  • Start up a conversation by asking how their day is going
  • Take one of those nice handmade cards of appreciation to him or her on Valentine’s Day
  • Baked goods are excellent. My local grocery store employees love my snacks I bake on different occasions

At work there seems to always be a person that is quiet and stays to themselves.

  • Consider a gift basket of snacks or a set of movie tickets
  • Give a Restaurant Gift Card in one of your hand made cards
  • Flowers are always appreciated by males or female, the card is the key. Make it funny and work related to brighten up their day!

Often we think of how much we love to our significant other, but this year sit at your writing space and create Valentine cards for each of your family members—like you did in elementary school. Yes, just like Christmas we should spread love throughout the family. Now, you will have to create these in January to make sure everyone gets a card. You can start a new tradition this year.

When choosing how to spread love these tips are to expand your mind. We need to have relationships with people around us in our everyday moments on this wonderful journey called life. I know some of us can be shy on Valentine’s Day, yet it is a great holiday to start a new tradition.

Email me for more details on how to create love from your home.

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