Spring Clean to Be Organized!


It’s spring and time to clean!

Now that the holidays are over, a new year has kicked in and spring is here! So let’s get organized. It’s fun to buy new decorative items to add to our adorned living spaces, but it can also cause clutter. Our home can become overwhelmed with enormous piles of stuff.

 ~ Let’s Get Organized

Here are six tips to get organized this spring:

  1. Downsize ~ Divide ~ Donate
  • If you receive a new gift, and you already have an abundance of that type of gift, gift it to another woman
  • If you received or bought new dishes/cookware, give away your old ones. Also put all plastic containers together (and donate unmatched items)
  • If you purchase new home décor, give your friend the pillows she has been admiring and give your sister the mirror she always wanted. You can also bless a family or your church with items
  • Old clothes can be boxed up and donated to a local shelter, a children’s home, and/or local public schools (keep some items to wear when cleaning the home, painting or gardening)
  1. Yard Sales
  • Involve your kids, family and friends and make it a fun task
  • A Saturday yard sale with kids, family and friends is all about gathering items, pricing them and advertising the event. You will sell more if you advertise
  1. Box Up Needed Items and Label Them
  • Create a storage area in the garage or a large closet
  • Only store your family’s essentials
  • Get the heavy duty stackable plastic totes and label them for quick access
  1. Declutter
  • Our closets, pantry and cabinets are great places for hiding items
  • Closets need to be organized by colors or by article (shirts, pants, jackets)
  • Declutter your pantry or kitchen cabinets by letting go of items you won’t use and organizing items you will keep
  • All cabinets can be organized according to daily usage needs
  •  Cleaning products should be stored in another cabinet away from toddlers
  1. Simplify the Family Daily Routines
  • Create a list for laundry night, days to clean bathrooms, mop and sweep days, and trash and recyclable duties
  • Put the list on a family board or on the refrigerator for easy access
  • Empower everyone to agree to helping so everyone will feel responsible
  • Allow everyone three maximum commitments on a list per week, per family member. Sport activities, meetings, practices, church volunteerism, activities and hobbies (TV watching, etc)
  • Two slots on this list should be personal, where each person to do what they love (self-love project, event-art projects, book writing, hair and nails hour, or wood building project)
  1. Create a List of Fundamentals needed to function as a family
  • Save Money ~Vacations, Insurance, Sports for the kiddos
  • Agree to monthly expenditures for eating out
  • List the pick up-drop off times to school and events
  • Make a shopping list and cut coupons a week in advance

These are tips to jump-start your home for organization. By following these tips, you can:

  1. Save money
  2. Create more functioning usable space
  3. Analyze what is important
  4. Let go of items that are not useful to the family
  5. Be less concerned about the home being overly cluttered or unorganized
  6. Be more productive and manage family time better

Focus, unity and love for each other becomes evident when everyone takes part in creating a home that is organized and clean. Most of all, calmness and peace of mind is present for everyone to enjoy!

Happy Organizing!