Spring Cleaning Goals for Real Life

Use spring cleaning energy to create a home you love

Springtime naturally produces cleaning energy. Something about bright sun and warm weather after months of cozy shadows opens my eyes to cobwebs and inspires me to clean.

I dream of blocking off an entire week to clean it all (and clean it perfectly, of course), but the responsibilities of real life won’t let that happen. I have to focus on why I’m cleaning. As long as I keep my goals in mind, the effort I give will produce the results I want.

Goal 1: Give My Family a Place to Be

When I feel frazzled or overwhelmed, I remind myself of this goal. My family needs a place to be. When my kids were little, they needed open spaces to create Barbie villages and Hot Wheel mazes. Now that they’re older, they need a soft couch and a clear table where they can relax, do homework and feel the freedom to be themselves.

Goal 2: Make Our Lives Easier

Have you felt it? Those periods of life when every little task seems so difficult?

I’ve felt it, too. And when I feel that frustration in my home, it’s usually because I suddenly realize my home is cluttered and messy. I call this phenomenon Slob Vision. Messes tend to be invisible to me until they’re completely out of control.

So when spring cleaning energy hits, I focus on doing what needs to be done to make our lives easier. If busy mornings are made frantic because we can never find the shoes we need, I know it’s time to focus on purging outgrown pairs and the ones we avoid because they squeeze at the toes. Fewer shoes make less mess. Less mess means fewer lost shoes. Fewer lost shoes makes our mornings easier.

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