Spring into a New Thing


It’s functional, it’s organized and it’s mine!

Is your personal space functional and organized for you to create and visualize your destiny? As a life coach and interior designer I have many women clients ask me, “Why do I feel overwhelmed and weighed down mentally and physically?” I immediately take her through my process of pertinent questions involving her everyday life, and we usually discover that she has clutter and unfinished projects in her personal space.

This way of living plays a significant role in how we feel when we are in our personal space at home or at work. When our lives are full of cluttered areas where we reside or work, our productivity and creativity are inhibited. We are left feeling anxious, helpless and overwhelmed. We need organized and functional spaces for relaxing, cooking, to choose our outfits, etc., so the tasks will not be drawn out physical and mental chores. Being unorganized can create a feeling of guilt and have us thinking “I should be more organized.”

Now let’s look at some tips for your home and office that can possibly relieve you of the clutter and help you function and organize your home and/or work spaces:


  • Empty out a section of cabinets at a time.
  • Wipe them down.
  • Set items back in as a display of art for functional use.

~You deserve to have a beautiful space to make your daily meals.~


  • Empty out your entire closet.
  • Sweep or vacuum the space.
  • Create your style for function and organization in your closet.
  • Put items in groups. Shelves shoes. Fold sweaters and T-shirts. Hang tops and pants. Make a space just for all long items: gowns, dresses, coats, etc.
  • Take items that you do not wear and give them away.

~This space, if large or small, is where you design your body for the day.~


  • Always make your bed when you wake up (routine keeps the room tidy).
  • Keep a hamper for dirty clothes.
  • Arrange your space for a good night’s sleep (candles, music, books, etc.).
  • Your home office should not be in your bedroom.

~This is your space to rest and refresh for the next day’s activities, and it requires order.~  


  • Keep your desk organized. Use a file cabinet. Stack items neatly.
  • Keep your laptop in its own area.
  • Keep your office clean so creativity can flow to you.
  • Keep a journal to keep new ideas written for future use.
  • Use proper containers to store office supplies.
  • Use a comfortable office chair (glam chairs are nice).

~If you want creativity and productivity to come to you, your space requires organization.~

These few tips will support you in not feeling overwhelmed and weighed down mentally and physically. Just do a little spring cleaning by simply organizing your space. This way you can stay focused on what you need to prioritize. When you become organized, everyone benefits. Now let your creativity flow!  

Photo Credit:  http://sayehpezeshki.com/