Tips & Solutions for your Décor


Elements of Design

It is that time of the year again! The time when new decorative ideas start flowing to us. We want to create that model home look or the picture we saw in a magazine. You can use your personal desires to create your décor.  I love to share my tips and solutions to support you in accomplishing your decorative goals. I have chosen two of my favorite elements for you to use to enhance your spaces in your home or office. Focal points and conversation pieces are amazing ways to catch your family and guests’ attentions.

Focal points are elements or areas of dominance in a room, which grab the eye when one enters the space. I hung big oversized mirrors and clocks on the walls because they grab family and friends’ attentions immediately. Another focal point I use is the appearance and position of my oversized armoire, which gives a country rustic and refined dominance to our family room.

Focal Point Ideas:

  • It is the 'biggest' feature. It may be a bookshelf, fireplace, large indoor plant/tree.
  • Large furniture pieces (I have a big red sofa).
  • It could be something colorful or texturally and visually appealing.
  • Drapery across the entire wall made of a vibrant colorful fabric.

Conversation Pieces are those items that are either a one piece item or a series of items. You can spread them all over the space and/or group them in a special place in the room. You can start with wall hangings or ceiling fans, with or without lights. You may want to create a focus wall with a bold paint color or use wood. Each room should have a conversation piece that has your guests intrigued with your home. I use a cluster of wooden crosses arranged on a single wall that sparks up conversations whenever anyone enters. My other conversational pieces are my metal life-size colorful roosters, which are placed all over the family and dining rooms. 

Conversational Pieces Ideas:

  • A distinguish lighting item (chandelier, vintage candle style dining light)
  • One-of-a-kind photo created into a wall paper
  • Awkward ceramic textured vase
  • Custom made furniture pieces from a local interior designer

When choosing your elements of design, these tips will help you achieve your focal points and conversational pieces for your home.  You can use any space in your home to create an element of design. Your family can create their “je ne sais quoi” for their personal space. It can become a family affair!

Email me for more details and venues to help you shop at stores or online to achieve these elements of design.   Maurita Sutton Brown | Designs By M