What is your Décor Style?


During the Fall of the year it is easy to desire change in your home’s décor.  Many of us create our styles from what catches our eye in magazines and on TV. We often decorate with traditional, modern or contemporary styles. I have put together decorating styles for you to explore your inner décor desires. 

If you desire Rustic & Refined there are a few décor styles you can create:

  • Vintage Style is exciting to create. A vintage style incorporates collected pieces to showcase items chosen from a different era that brings individual pleasure such as an old sewing machine table or an old school house desk. These items are eye catching. People will always be interested in knowing where you found them.
  • French Country Style is a style I adore. This style uses blends of elegance and touches of softness that exudes simplicity. The fresh clean appearance often is adorned with white paneling, soft florals, fabric patterns and baskets. Primitive furnishings found at local flea markets and antique shops can enhance this style.
  • Shabby Chic Style accentuate cozy and comfort. This style allows the use of slipcovered sofas and weathered whited painted furniture.  Accessories like painted motifs muted floral wall hangings and old world elements add to the shabby logic of this style.
  • Urban Industrial Style embraces an edgy rough hardness that gives raw textures utilizing the grays, off whites and dusty blues to join together with primitive surroundings. Wood furnishings and metals (wall hanging, vases, and accessories) appears tattered but is full of repurposed and recycled liveliness.

If you are for the free, airy expressions of life these décor style gives you choices to be in a day dream or fantasy mode.

  • Coastal Style is inspired by vacation moments near the ocean, sun, and sandy beach areas. This décor brings in the blues, whites and beige colors for a nautical theme. Accessories such as lighthouses and seashells will help pull off this style in any space. The mood in this space is serenity and relaxation.
  • Bohemian Style is sometimes called Boho-Chic Style which means you have chosen to be an individualist. Everything about this style embraces free expression, unconventional displays, and colorful collections. By mixing flora and wood accessories you can show off more of your decorating qualities.
  • Eclectic Style embraces freedom of expression, breaking rules, and mixing and matching what you love. Eclectic is a catch-all method that borrows from many design styles. By using your sense of imagination and surprise you can evoke unexpected contrasts throughout your space. Eclectic décor is more than simply throwing together everything and anything, but rather relies heavily on the building blocks of design (color, pattern, texture and composition) to make the space look interconnected. Spice it up by using the   characteristics of many fabrics, whether patterned, textured, solids or all three.
  • Moroccan Style is my favorite style of the ones I have listed. This is a heavily layered look consisting of intricately patterned fabrics, colorful mosaics, metal lanterns, textured walls, and bold, jewel-toned colors. The oriental rugs and pillows are a must in this décor adorned by luxurious fabrics and ornately-carved wooden accents.

That’s a wrap for the popular interior design styles of 2017! I hope this was helpful in getting you started on your way to a stylish décor. Remember that the best interior designers will frequently bridge different styles together, so liberate your mind and approach your design from creative angles. Email me at simplymaurita@gmail.com for more ideas!