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Interview with Interior designer and lifestyle expert Moll Anderson

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Hope for Women: What matters most when you think of your family? 

Moll Anderson: Creating a loving warm home environment is most important, and this means, you and your partner being a great example of a loving relationship! Our children learn by example every single day. It starts at home. I am so grateful that (even though It took me 45 years) I was able to show my son what a loving relationship could really be!  My son Michael is now an adult and it thrills me that he can finally see his mother happy, in love, and in a truly respectful marriage of mutual admiration. 

HOPE:  What matters most about having a healthy home environment for our families?

MA: The environment you create in your home is everything! People stay together for seriously wrong reasons and do so much damage to themselves and their children. You don't get an award for staying together for the sake of the kids if you give them the belief that you just co-exist; don't laugh together, don't speak to one another, don't parent together, and don’t treat each other respectfully. You might as well sit the kids down and say "Here’s how not to do it" and try explaining why it’s ok to be miserable and why you and they don't deserve something better.

HOPE:  What matters most about giving back to your community?

MA:  Do whatever you can to give back to others. It doesn't have to be money unless you can afford it. Giving of your time is more valuable than you realize.  For those of us that don't have a lot of time, we are so grateful when folks show up and do for others in need. Do whatever is right for you! Just do something. The energy and blessing is so awesome and it will fill your soul in ways you can't even begin to imagine until you just do it.

HOPE:  When it comes to making time for yourself, what matters most?

MA:  As women, juggling home, jobs, children and families we are wired to give to others first, leaving little time to take care of ourselves. It is important to make time to not only take care of yourself physically, but emotionally as well.  Putting your needs and interests aside as you juggle the commitments of your life, will eventually take its toll on you and your family.  Start now to carve out some “me time.” This is it. We don't get a do over in life! You can’t continue to wait. We don't know how much time we have and you might not get another chance. I struggle with this all the time, but we need to do it. Start small, and it will get easier.

HOPE:  You were quoted saying that you believe in dreaming; what matters most when it comes to having dreams and goals?

MA:  What matters, everything! I never gave up! I actually had friends that would tell me that my dreams were too big? Seriously? I sometimes came close to believing them, but thankfully I didn't! They are also no longer in my life. It’s important to surround yourself with positive people. I believe in visualization and I do a new vision board every year, it helps me fine-tune my goals. I believe that we also need to help other women and support them in their dreams! It’s so important to not live in jealousy and negativity. Have an open giving heart! Be open, stay open and always support each other. I want women to live in joy and realize that they can live the life they have been dreaming about!

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Interview and Article By Kristen Hamilton