It’s Harvest Time | Who will help me harvest?


It’s harvest time! Many women get excited about harvest time when they have done the necessary things to secure the results they want.  They have done the work, read the books, attended the meetings, made the connections, and maintained the work ethic. Unfortunately, some women who do all the things listed above (and sometimes more) never enjoy the full fruit of their labor simply because they fail to ask and answer the critical question “who will help me bring in my harvest?”  Let me say it like this: If your dreams and goals are bigger than you (which I’m sure they are) then you need a team to help you at harvest time. Who are those people?  Without the proper help it is very difficult bring in your full harvest so again I ask “who are your harvesters?”

Harvesters are a unique group of people who are active in your life for a short period of time.  Their role is mutually agreed upon and clear; they help you bring in your harvest.  In a traditional sense harvesters are hired by a farmer to help retrieve and prepare crops that were planted earlier in the year.  The harvesters are not a part of the planting, or the nurturing and growth of the crops.  Their role is simple, short and precise.  Harvesters, by design, show up at the end of the process. They are not with you from the beginning.  They are not a consistent character in your story. They show up, do their job, receive their compensation and then they are gone. Without them the farmer is unable to retrieve the full of her crop in a timely matter.  As a result she will lose some of what she planted.   Just as every farmer needs a harvest team, every hard working dreamer and goal setter needs a team to help her bring in the fruit of her labor. 

Without understanding, it is easy to be offended by someone who shows up at the end of a process, helps out, and then wants to be compensated.  However, a woman of understanding will welcome the help and gladly pay for it.  Let’s get understanding. Harvest help are not necessarily your friends.  They are not confidants. They don’t need to buy-in to the full of your vision and they don’t stick around after the work is done.  Their time with you is purposeful and limited.  Can you handle that?  If you can then you’re ready to harvest on a new level and if you can’t well… Its harvest time and I’m looking for my harvest help, my harvest team, and my harvesters.  I plan to bring in and enjoy the full fruit of my labor.  What about you?

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