My Favorite Summertime Stress Busters


Mention the word “STRESS” and pretty much anyone can conjure up a mental image of something in their life that causes them stress…. probably more than one thing!

I can honestly say my life has a pretty low level of stress, thankfully! Part of that is due to the fact that my faith in God and His Word keeps me in a place of trust & security in Him and His plan for me, and part of it is because I intentionally say “No” to people and things that don’t line up with the goals and dreams I have.

Another part of keeping a low level of stress in my life is that I do two other things that are very effective, for me, at keeping stress to a minimum.

The 1st is that I have created a relaxing, stress-less atmosphere in my home by :

  • Decorating my home with the things I love…. things of beauty and purpose   
  • Keeping clutter to a minimum and keeping things (reasonably) neat &  clean.
  • I also have praise music playing in my home almost 24/7

The 2nd thing is that I take time out weekly to do something relaxing. My favorite Summertime Stress Busters are varied and don’t take the place of some time away. While I do like to escape to the ocean with my hubby, I don’t wait for those few times during the season to relax and de-stress.

Some of my favorites that you can easily carve time out for even during the busiest of weeks….

  • PJ Day – who doesn’t love to lounge in their pjs all day while taking a self-care timeout?! I take time for a bubble bath, a nap, reading, watching a favorite movie or series and enjoying some favorite culinary treats! Candles, aromatic oils and some favorite tunes bring it to another level.
  • Bloom Therapy – enjoying flowers, fountains, fresh air and sunshine is always a stress-buster for me. For a quick fix I visit a local park, if time allows I make a trip to a formal garden with a picnic and make a day of it!
  • Art Escape – Being a creative romantic, I can get totally lost in an art exhibit. I especially enjoy the work of Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir and Cassat. I get inspired and refreshed as I take in the beauty they have created! A bonus: museums are air conditioned!
  • Water Retreat – One of the most relaxing places for me is by the water. My first choice is the ocean but when that isn’t possible a babbling creek or sparkling lake will do. It’s even more enjoyable with a picnic basket full of summery favorites and a little bubbly!

Whatever you find helps you to relax and unwind is what you should make more time for in your week to week schedule. There’s a saying, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of the cure.” This couldn’t be more true when it comes to relieving stress and keeping it at bay!